• Sorry about your wife. You don't want to keep the artificial limb as a memento of your wife or donate the limb to a place that could fit it for another amputee? Not sure how much titanium is fetching but you can call some scrap metal dealers.
  • Titanium is not rare, it is among the most common elements. The reason it is expensive is because it is difficult to fabricate. So the metal value will be quite modest. I would check to see if there's an organization that can re-use it for a poor amputee.
  • Platinum from catalytic converters was bringing a good price before the bottom fell out of the recycling market. I do not think that titanium has any value. Donate it to a charity and get a receipt for a tax write off.
  • Try Ebay there are people on there who will buy anything!
  • Since it doesn't seem to have much value as scrap, I would ask an orthopedic equipment shop/vendor if there are any charities which would take it to be passed on to another amputee. It may need to be modified for someone else but may save them some money also.
  • You can sell the titanium.Scrap yard prices vary somewhere around $10/lb. You would be better off donating it and taking a tax write off
  • It's worth more to some poor soul who can't afford one yo...
  • You can't be serious. You want to SELL your dead wife's leg? This seems to be your first question her on Y/A and I can't help but be suspicious of it.

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