• No. Regular DVD players only support MPEG-2 video. Most also support .mp3(MPEG-3) audio, along with .jpg(JPEG) photos. The MPEG-2 file is not a .mp2 file, like you would expect. It is a .ts file, which is what the DVD player understands.
  • If you want to convert only the outstanding part of the DVD, you can preview it with the built-in player and then set up a start time and end time. Then CXB DVD to MP4 Converter will convert only the customized part not the entire video. With CXB DVD To MP4 Converter's easy-to-use interface, You will have a great mood when you convert your DVD movie. There are a number of certain pay programs that claim to do it for free, but many are riddled with bugs and fail to take into account DVD encryption. However, by using it, you can easily convert a full DVD movie into an iPod-ready mp4 file. Read on for the full guide and links.

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