• Efaery marriage needs fights for love to grow and to get make up sex. "George Costanza"
  • Sounds like there are other issues that need attention. The deep fat fryer row is a warning. Sit down and listen to each other before things escalate.
  • I'm so sorry '08 ended that way but maybe that will hold you two over for another 23+ years before it happens again. We did this once and both felt really silly the next morning and had a laugh about it. I hope you start '09 with a big laugh about it. :)
  • Oh Lippy, we've done that too! Every married couple has their silly fights, I think. Ups and downs ... but if you've been together for 23 years ... you've got a solid relationship that one night sleeping apart isn't going to hurt!! Take care.
  • Not in many many years..but yep...been there, done that...and as with you, it was something really tiny, small, itty bitty, insignificant in retrospect. Happy Hew Year my friend! :) ((hugs))
  • It is terrible to let the sun set on an argument. I sure can't stand when that happens. I hope that all is resolved and much better today so that you can jump start 2009 well. Best wishes and Happy New Year.
  • We have 2 deep fat fryers and I suppose it is an appliance that could start some heated discussions. I am sorry that you slept in separate rooms. I have been married almost 23 years and have slept apart because of snoring or illness. Kiss and make up quickly and don't let it bog you down.
  • I have read all the other great answers, but i still do not know what started the arguement and how it effected a deep fat fryer. Please tell us.
  • We never fight over big things... The little things are what we do fight about and they never last long.
  • not really. But I think that you need to have a serious sit down with him. Talk it out.

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