• You need to tell us what event you are interested in before you can get coaching tips . The training for each event is completely different ie it would be no good giving you sprinting tips for the 1500 metres or javelin
  • Run faster and jump higher/farther than everyone else. Seriously, I found running stairs in addition to normal running exercises helped my leg strength. Also, sprinting has a lot to do with how fast you get off the blocks, so practicing getting off the blocks a lot will help, along with acceleration exercises. Try running 20 yards from a stop, then stopping, and repeat it. It will help you get up to speed faster.
  • I'm probably doing Sprinting and/or Long Jump
  • get a good coach and be dedicated to your training. set realistic goals.
  • im in hight school i sprint(100&200) to train we do running speed drills{ext:high knee,butt kicks) i did high jump in middle school i tried long jump but it was to hard for
  • It depends what you're doing. Well, one thing, don't eat too much food before your event. Stay hydrated, but you don't want to have too much liquid in your system. Definitely make sure you stretch out before or you'll be stiff and might pull a muscle.
  • Sprinting is all about speed, obviously. You want to build up your speed by running everyday. Your coach can give you workouts to do. Hills, timed 100s, 200s, and 400s help.
  • i typically run the 200, 4X1, 4X4, and the 400 but ive triple jumped and run the 100 before ok well first of all... it is a very demanding sport. my coaches are very intense compared to the other coaches in my area. some days the workouts were so hard i wanted to cry...seriously. some people are lazy and will do what the coach says half way, but ive learned that it is always good to try your best because you will excel and they wont. *when your at a meet you want to warm up at least an hour before your first event *run about 5 100 meter strides to warm up your muscles( you might think it will make you tired, but it is reading your muscles and preparing your body) *its IMPOSSIBLE not to be nervous before you run at a meet but try and concentrate on doing your best *everyone is going to make mistakes hahah one time i stopped BEFORE the finish line(but still won my heat=), ive started in the wrong place for the 4X4, and i ran a whole 4X4 anchor leg without cutting in lol *its VERY rewarding and will will meet awesome people GOOD LUCK
  • I can tell you whatever you need to know. send me and email, and i will answer any questions you have. (im not a pedophile or stalker just a guy that loves track).
  • the easiest way to improve your speed on the track is to stand infront of the mirrow with shoulders relaxed with hand weight in hand and move your arms in a running motion if you find your shoulders tenseing up then you need to relax them and start the exersise again this will help you to see how your muscles are working in the mirrow you also need to move your legs as if you are running at the same time also try walking on the tip of your toes this will help when starting out the blocks also try using some one to pull against your weight as you run {ie} tie a rope around your waist and run then have some one pull against you let me know if this is helpful to you

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