• This quote can be rephrased in so many ways and all will hold good. For instance: 1. The friendship that never began can never really end. 2. A friendship that never ended never really began. 3. Every friendship that has a beginning must have an end. 4. A friendship that ended is as good as it never began. 5. A friendship that can end never really began. No.5 is your quote. The other four too are as good as yours in my opinion. I agree with all.
  • Do not agree. A true friendship is forever. Period.
  • Well, I can honestly say that I had a best friend for years who I cared about dearly but in the past year she completely turned on me. In my perspective, it hasnt ended because I will always care for her and be her friend but from her perspective it has ended due to a few things such as drugs etc. Does that take away those 7 years of great friendship? I dont think so. I pray everyday that she comes back and though it will never be the same i know that i will never stop loving her. I guess I like to think that our friendship is paused.
  • I sorta agree, I would say that quote is true for your best friend, I have a best friend and I moved but we still hang out every summer. But regular friendships end, that's life. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy them while they last, but sometimes you have to move on and your old high school buddies shouldn't necessarily stop you.
  • I dont agree. Because life will lead you to different places and it might be too far away. There is an old saying "away from eyes will eventually get away from the hearth"
  • No. No friendship, no matter how strong, can last forever.
  • I don't agree. There are varying degrees of friendships and these friendship statuses change over time. In other words, my best friends from high school are not my best friends today. Things change. People change. That doesn't mean that at one point both people didn't care about each other.
  • I disagree as a great friendship can be enjoyed for many years and something can happen later in life that can change things, hurt people. People are not stagnant, they change, they grow, hopefully in positive ways, but sometimes people can't remain with you in their changed ways and must move on. That doesn't invalidate the deep friendship you had, though.
  • nope. a friend is a friend for the time being, no matter how long. well, that's only what i think ;)
  • Can I agree and disagree? I think we can out grow friends - but forever they will hold a place in our hearts. However, I do agree that people who are willing to turn on you were never your friend in the first place.
  • No. a person can really get friendly that is until they get what they want then your're yesterdays news. I know from experience.
  • No. All things come to an end even friendships, if by no other means than death. That does not invalidate what you once had.
  • No I don't. I like this one better... "The only constant thing in life, is change."
  • "A friend loves at all times."
  • To a degree, yes, I agree with the quote. I always say, if someone is REALLY my friend they will stand by me. If not then can go FUC* them selves!:)
  • No...sometimes people outgrow each other...that doesn't mean you weren't friends for a time.
  • somehow it is true.. just belive in urself

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