• This Credit Crunch! We were impulsive enough to live well beyond our means with credit cards and other ways. We also took Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs that are capable of costing an arm, among other things,) when they looked so attractively low. You know the rest of what happened after.
  • I apolgize in advance... Sarah Palin.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Indeed - that, and the election of Orange Don Rump! Oh, and cigarette smokers.
  • Jonestown
  • Electing President Bush for a SECOND TERM!!! What the hell was 51% of the country SMOKING?!?!?!?
  • Commuting, working, more commuting.
  • Humanity.
  • 50% of Americans think of themselves as Republicans, as though they believe that they are millionaires. The consumer soiety. The refusal to believe in ecology. Cigarette smoking. Reality Shows, most of network television.
  • president bush, the french revolution, the 1920 stock market crash. lemmings. rap music.
  • American christian fundamentalists voting republican to ruin this country and beyond.
  • Every single fad that's ever existed. You know what I'm talking about.
  • Global Warming LOL
  • ... most of the very ancient religious pantheons in polytheism beliefs ... ... believing the emperor is a God incarnated into a human body ...
  • bailing out Wall street with untold billions, while the blue collar workforce falls apart and gets treated like it's all their fault that the auto industry is collapsing.
  • The jammed packed closets in about 93% of all houses, full of clothes that most never get a breath of fresh air. The stack it to the rafters garages that many can't park a car in and may have lost a child or two. The storage sheds that every town that has a beer joint and a church has at least twenty units that no one has any idea of what they contain. The best example is the manic consumerism of the public of things not to use, not to enjoy, but to have and to hold.
  • Religeon. And resulting Global unrest.
  • WAR. even tho they pump out some pretty good video games but thats about the only good thats comes with them.
  • Religion
  • Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you our new Messiah, er..excuse me President Barrack Hussein Obama. (Note to self; insert pithy cartoon lampooning this buffoon and his Rockstar status based on a whole lot of nothing, upon return to the MotherPC.)
  • EIGHT years of Bush
  • "Global Warming". That so many across the globe would buy into the biggest scam in history, then adopt it as a religion, then cling to that religion as though it were life and death in the face of hard evidence that the whole thing was built on false science is pretty much the ultimate testimonial to mass stupidity.
  • cause not everyone uses their brains
  • The election of GA.Congress woman Marjorie Taylor Greene. For example she gave out the phone numbers of fellow Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill. Now they are getting threatening calls.
    • Army Veteran
      As they should. They're elected to represent the interest of the people and when they fail to do so they should be held accountable.
  • Texting and driving.
  • The 2020 election
  • The election of Trump. The US elected a clown, and turned the country into a circus. One not even their most experienced politician they have can put back together. They played stupid games and won stupid prizes.
    • Army Veteran
      Your "clown" comment is a reflection of what the Democrats thought of him going into the race. He was thought of as a joke by the Dems and their sheep when they knew nothing about him. His only "disqualification" in their eyes was that he was running against Hillary. From there it was nothing but lies and scandals to try and get him unseated so Hillary could "take her turn". Even the idea of impeachment was concocted the moment he was sworn in. He was hated by the Dems because he ran against and defeated Hillary. He was hated by Dem supporters because they were told to hate him. That makes you and the others "sheep" - and nothing more.
  • I think one answer had the right idea. Jonestown. Add to that: Heaven's Gate, and even more ancient things like The Juggernaut. People willfully killing themselves en masse, for the sake of some COMPLETELY WACKY religious belief.
  • My personal selection would be the 80,000,000 fools voting for Joe Biden, when he did absolutely nothing for almost 50 years. Let's go Brandon!
  • I see this question has been here quite a few years - at least as far back as the second reign of George the Second...LOL. The problem with Political Correctness was recognized as far back as George HW Bush in a speech he made in May 1991: "The notion of political correctness has ignited controversy across the land. And although the movement arises from the laudable desire to sweep away the debris of racism and sexism and hatred, it replaces old prejudice with new ones. It declares certain topics off-limits, certain expression off-limits, even certain gestures off-limits." This is of importance because it has been at the center of controversy ever since, including its use in Presidential elections. It was because of PC that Obama was elected. Obama was an inexperienced 0ne-term Senator from Illinois when he ran. The advantage that he had which carried him through was that he would make history as the first Black President - and this was the mindset that was instilled in everyone. Hillary's "card" was that she was supposed to be the first woman President. And thus, she didn't campaign hard enough, relying, instead, on cheating. This was obvious when she was so confident that she would win the election that she declared that she would never question the results. Well, this declaration sort of fell apart after she lost - then she did everything she could to question the results. This isn't something someone does unless something went wrong with the expected outcome. The only way anyone would "NOT" question the results is if they knew beforehand what the results would be. She thought she did and then panicked when things didn't work out that way. Now they have Biden at the helm - another "first" - the first case of dementia to run against the only President to bring prosperity back to America.
  • People are doing pretty well walking blindly into the mass manipulation of Marxist communism and the break down of the family unit, the sexes, and all outright attacks on western civilization. When you start thinking that drag queens are a lifestyle choice, instead of men dressed as woman telling rude jokes in seedy bars, when you start thinking that it's ok for children to cut off body parts at the age of 4 to be transgender, and that it's ok to teach homosexuality to the same age group then you are complicit in child abuse. And let's face it the elite are fond of child trafficking and paedophilla. Let's hope there will still be enough of us to protect our children from this sick agenda.

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