• They should be able to observe that the motion of the moon about the sun was not a simple ellipse. That is, they would find that the moon was orbiting an unseen massive body. From their observed orbital motion, they should be able to deduce the earth-moon distance and the mass of the earth using Newton's gravitational law.
  • By traveling their moon, of course :) Eventually, they'll see it.
  • By population growth and the conquering of new territories! Like we did here!
  • They could theoretically take out their theoretical purple crayons and draw a rocket ship, then fill it with theoretical hyperfuel and take off to orbit their world. They would spot us as soon as they come around the edge, looking up at them and theorizing about their ways. Or, they could theoretically observe the motion of the stars and planets, calculate their path through space, and conclude that there's a large massive body on the opposite side of their world causing the path to gyrate through space. THEN they could buy a purple crayon.
  • It depends on the imagination prowess of the theoretician who created the theoretical beings on the far side of the Moon. The beings can be credited with any amount of intelligence or the lack of it depending upon the narrative skills and imagination of the creator of those beings who invariably is based in this earth of ours.
  • I strongly suspect that at some point they would figure out that their "planet" ( our moon ) is in orbit around SOMETHING! Heh!
  • All they would need is kelpers laws of planetary motion, Newtons law of gravitation and a point of reference(such as the sun). After the discovery of Uranus, it was noticed that its orbit was not as it should be in accordance with Newton's laws. It was therefore predicted that another more distant planet must be perturbing Uranus' orbit. So scientist predicted the existence of Neptune long before its discovery.
  • These theoretical beings on the far side of the moon could take a theoretical walk around the theoretical block and theoretically discover this big, blue orb in their sky... :)
  • I agree with all the people that said that the "Lunar dark siders" could figure out that they must be orbiting a large mass like Earth, but think about how long it took humans to figure out that the Earth orbits around the Sun (and not vice versa). And that evidence was in front of us every day. So the opportunity would be there for them to figure it out, but it might take a really long time, particularly if traveling on the Moon was difficult or forbidden by their religion. If they did observations, they might come up with an epicycle theory, as opposed to inventing the "ludicrous" idea of orbiting a hidden mass :-)
  • By walking to the near side of the moon! That the sun and moon are geosynchronous is not too much a problem then. :-)
  • If they had space ships that could zoom to our part of the universe they could pick up radio/tv signals which I have heard bounce around forever "up there"! Happy Friday iwnit! :) ((hugs))
  • I suppose by the same methods that we use to look for theoretical being on the far side of the moon. Now if you want to know of theoretical methods that we or they, the theoretical being could utilize to look for the other - this at least in therory could be an endless list.
  • Hello iwnit, I suppose they could have extra sensory perception, or ESP , and maybe possibly have some sort of surveillance system in place. If they do exist, I would not be surprised if they were here among us as well. On Answerbag.
  • you found me . shit !
  • the smell of pollution and the damn noise from noisy neighbours lol.
  • OK, now that's a neat question. I guess when they blasted off on their way to Mars, they'd get to a certain distance, look back and say, "Hey! What the hell is that?"

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