• Why? As long as people keep going to the games and paying the asking price for tickets the teams can afford the salaries. Same as in any other sport. If the fans stayed away in disgust, then salaries would be down-sized accordingly.
  • I'm beginning to think so.
  • It is pretty unfair when you think about it. If your a baseball fan you want good competition all around. If your fan of a single team thats rich as hell (Like New york, LA, detroit, or Boston) you have no reason to want a salary cap. You go to the argument of the luxuary tax, which occurs when salaries are huge and those 4 teams pay the MLB money which the MLB funnels back into the entire bussiness. This helps the MLB but certainly not any other teams. The another part of this argument is that only twice in the last 30 years has the team with huge salaries like the big cities won the world series. Boston in 04 and 07. It seems giant salaries only increase probability for these teams. Still though, when you think about it teams who have lost some great players because of the big cities could have done much better then they have. Speaking as a Brewers fan lol :), I hate the Yankees because of them taking CC, so naturally I am in favor of a cap. PS yes i know CC isnt doing to go right now, but hey its a long season, and no I don't hate him because he's gone
  • Simply put, Yes!
  • I stopped watching long ago. The love of the sport seems to be lost in the pursuit of big money and big star players.

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