• like 18-22 miles per hour
  • The bottle nosed dolphin has a top speed of 30 mph. "The Bottle Nosed Dolphin The Bottle Nosed Dolphin we are all familiar with from TV and Dolphinaria is 9 to 12 feet long, weighs 400lbs, can swim at a top speed of 30mph and has a life span of around 25 years."
  • We don't know how fast most dolphins swim but bottlenose dolphins typically swim at 3 to 7 miles per hour. They can go over 20 miles per hour when they work hard. The body shape of a dolphin helps it swim fast. A dolphin's body is shaped like a tube that is pointed at both ends. This streamlining helps the water flow over the dolphin's body as it swims.
  • Faster than me...and I swim pretty fast.
  • A bottlenose dolphin can swim up to 25 mph going UP...not exactly sure how fast they can go down.
  • 3.85 metres.
  • Depends on what's chasing them.
    • beaker95
      If it's that sticky sockpuppet....very, very fast.
    • Linda Joy

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