• Starving yourself will trigger your body's starvation survival response and make you become even more efficient at converting any food you eat to fat, thus insuring that you will become fat even more quickly and easily when you end your diet. The very BEST way to lose weight is to change your diet by eliminating fat and most carbohydrates, and by beginning an exercise program which gradually becomes more and more strenuous, so that your body uses what you eat to create muscle fiber. Losing weight is a very simple formula: calories in < calories out. I strongly advise against starvation diets!
  • no,best thing is exersise like plenty of sex or swimming
  • what captain said... also starving yourself will cause you to lose muscle mass which will slow down metabolism even further so when you do decide to eat you wont be able to process all those calories. also even if you do reduce your caloric intake by a few hundred calories you have to gradually raise it back up again or else you will have even more fat than before. so proper diet + exercise is the best way to go.
  • It is natural for women to have some belly fat... Dont be too hard on yourself. But the easiest way to get it, is stress and C-sections. If you have already had a C-section... Exerzize and dieting will only help so much. If you havent had children yet, Make sure that you wear a girdle after giving birth! No one told me that and I sure wish they had.
  • yes you will eventually look like a disgusting skeletal mutant, then die. good luck.
  • Yes, temporarily, and then it will come back bringing a fourth. Starving yourself slows your metabolism, and when your metabolism slows you will gain even more weight on the same or less food.
  • no... swim for an hour(at least 800meters) 3-5 times a week.after 12 weeks if you didnt lose that bellyfat come and see me i will personally train you for no charge at all. :D. also eat more apple it will help you burn that abnominal fat.
  • Yes. Unlike most people here I won't stray from your original question and try to give you a lot of jibber jabber advice on how you should live your life, don't give in to peer-pressure, use birth control, buy low sell high, blah blah blah.
  • actually yes see when u starve ur self 4 a couple of days ur body goes into "sarvaion mode" this is when ur somach feeds off ur body fat cuz there is no more food to digest it does work but after u get to a normal weight STOP jus eat healthy after thatt!! ull be fine!!
  • How about changing your diet. 1. No soda 2. No caffiene 3. No Diet Soda or Sugar Free stuff.. ( your body gets all confused) 4. Eat a good breakfast, lil snack, lunch, light dinner 5. No heavy meals past 6PM you don't want a lot of food in your belly when you're sleeping. 6. No TV Get outside and PLAY 7. Play a sport and feel challenged 8. Try it workd i tried it.

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