• Given Oscar Wilde's sexuality he was hardly in the best position to judge male/female relationships.
  • The woman i love will also be my best friend.
  • My best friend is a guy
  • My wife is my best friend. I have other women friends that are very close, yet there is no passion, enmity, worship, or love. Consider the source. ;-)
  • I do not think it is true at all :)
  • It was probably an opininated statement....he was gay after
  • I have a few guys I am very close friends with, that is all we are and all it has ever been. I love my guy friends like brothers and it is great to have them to go to when I just need a guy's point of view about something one of my girlfriends is clueless about. :)
  • I'm sitting here right now with my two good friends and ther is no sex involved, Oscar Wilde should have known that cause he was gay!
  • I disagree with this quote,my friend
  • LOL, I can't seem to be anything MORE than friends with women. =P
  • Everything is possible between men and women!Friendship is no excuse....
  • Oscar Wilde was gay. What would he know about women?
  • long as they like football and don't make you watch Terms of Endearment.
  • I don't think it's true at all! I have several male friends that fit no other description but friend :)
  • I disagree. Friendship is like respect... It is earned. And that does not happen overnight.
  • I would like to say its not true i really would, but after much consideration and after reading many things here on AB, i have to agree with Mr Wilde there always seems to be one of the friends who would like more or given half a chance would have more.. My hubby is my best friend and yes we love each other lust over each other and argue with each other... Most of my male friends have been gay....and all fag hags will tell you "but its so safe having a gay friend" why do we say this?? Also there is the numbers game if your a 6 and your friend is a 9 the 9 will not look at the 6 as a possible mate...yes people are that shallow and i know im going to get -loads for this answer but i just feel that i need to be truthful and not safe!!!
  • It might have been true for him and his small place in this world, but it's obviously not true for everyone.
  • This was said by the character, Lord Darlington from the book "Lady Windemere's Fan". It must have been true for him. A generalized personal statement by a fictional man. Perhaps that was his only perception about the relationship for him and Lady Windemere in the book. The end of that passage he also says "I love you," to her.
  • It's not true in my life I have many male friends

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