• If you get your hair chemically relaxed someplace, it looks naturally straight and all the frizz goes away
  • when i had my hair professional straightened it had gotten very frizzy after a period of time. I went to my stylist and she gave me deep conditioning treatments and put me under a dryer. I did this for about eight weeks and also got frequent trims. Infact she cut a lot of hair off because my hair was so badly damaged. I would imagine that you can get your own deep conditioning treatments at Sallys or anywhere and do it yourself. I bought one of their dryers and I do that once every other week. It is one of the dryers that you sit under. That has helped my hair tremendously
  • Hi ogilvie is a great product. Are you talking about the ogilvie hair straightener? First off, don't worry it will work. Did you know it only works for 3 months and then it has to be re-done. Next how do you dry your hair? Do you blow dry? You say you have long hair great! it will work. First off instead of blow drying. Perhaps you should go to the beauty store invest in a good hair dryer (not soft bonnet) the nice new ones that are space age plastic. they aren't expensive they are about 30-50 dollars. they have at the base of the neck a horizontal slit that aids in hair drying. Then get the largest curlers you can find. My friend used to use 16 ounce orange juice cans, but the largest of the large different colored curlers will do for that long hair. then wind your hair the width of a curler section by section starting with top bang section off the width of the curler. then directly behind this section off the width of curlers matchin the width at bang section. Only this will be from top of head crown to bottom of neck. then directly next to this back mid section, the width of curler to BEHIND ears. then you should have left a section on sides from eyes to the ear the width of curler. this is how beauty pagents contestents do it to get all those to wow hair. when you set your hair you need a water bottle about 20 ounces of pure clean water. Did you notice OGILVIE gives you an AFTER straightener leave in conditioner? they tell you to use all of it but if your hair isn't really dry you won't need all of it at once. So just put about 5-11 dropper drops of the AFTER straighter leave-in conditioner in the 20 ounces of water. Now you have something to wet each curler as you go along with to keep hair from getting dry. the key to curly hair going smooth is the hair must be wet when set into curlers okay? Purchase while you are out at beauty store some infusium 23 for your hair type (it detangles wonderfully ) now when you set your hair you first part the hair for the hair curler about 3 on top 2 really really big ones directly behind it. then two on each side section to back of ear. then 2 on each section from eyes to ear. part the hair section spray with water and OGILVIE leav-in conditioner in water bottle then a couple of spritz of infusium 23 comb thru. Part the hair for one curler comb up and out then wind the hair like this. hold the curler up about about an inch from scalp now wind the hair on outside of curler then stretch the hair and wind on the OTHER outside portion of curler, then keep stretching the hair around curler til you get to the end. Almost all of it will be wound on outside of curler. then when at the end you wind the curler into scalp then use really long bobby pins to secure without the bobby pins touching scalp (the heat from hair dryer makes them hot and they burn). so make sure you use 2 long bobby pins on either side of curler to keep hair nicely tightly wound. Repeat this for each and every curler in hair. then climb under hair dryer in about an hour or less or more hair should be dry. note- you wind the hair mainly on outside of curler because otherwise the OUTER portion of hair would be dry first and your ends would be left soaked. quite disheartening you see. this should eliminate the frizzies altogether. the trick with curly hair is the large curler, wind hair tight around outsides of curler to the end makes the hair dry straighter than straight its divine. Whether blonde or brunette this should work. don't be looking to reverse the process. Did you use another type of straightener before OGILVIE? please let me know if i can help. there's lots of experience here with this hair type. have fun enjoy your new hair.
  • Which is it? "Horribly straight" or "even more frizzy" as it can't be both! If you have fine hair, then ditch all the crap treatments and just get yourself a tourmaline hair straightener instead. If you have thick hair, then a semi synthetic hog hair brush and you use it everyday. There are no shortcuts to good hair. Hairstylists are a business more than a service and aren't there to make your hair perfect.

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