• My mother use to make us girls a cake surrounded by a barbie doll in a gown of cake and frosting, I think it was about 3 layers, I LOVED that cake!
  • Yeah, isn't that a French tradition?
  • It is called a King Cake and a plastic doll is baked in the cake. Cakes are decorated with yellow, white and purple. It is good luck to get the piece of cake with the baby doll in it.
  • I heard of people doing that, but I've never have one
  • ... other than mixed coins in a child's birthday cake, so they can play while they eat at the birthday party and see who gets a nickel, dime, or quarter ... no ...
  • Yes, I bought a King Cake when I visited New Orleans.
  • It can be done in France, but the ones with the plastic baby are a Louisiana tradition. You become the king/queen for the day when you get the piece with the baby (or other trinket). The season for them is Epiphany to Mardi Gras.
  • I was shocked when the nursing home I worked at actually put dollar coins in a cake and served it to staff. Just seems kind of stupid to put something like that in a cake. I took a piece but didn't eat it. #1~ choking hazard? #2 ~ Money is pretty dirty. I really had my doubts that they sterilized the coins before putting them in the batter.
  • My grandmother used to bake coins into sweet bread. She would wrap the coins in tape first to try to make them less dirty.
  • I have a friend who does things like that. His cakes are legendary here. One of his first was his "Cake from scratch". When people found whole eggs (hardboiled) in the shells and the caps from oil jugs in it he got to explain that the recipe called for 3 eggs and oil! (He washed everything very well at first though.) All of his cakes are edible and unique! His family is large and he makes these masterpieces for all of them.
  • Yes, in the UK its tradition to bake some money inside a christmas pudding. (Normally just one silver piece).
  • Yes. In Mexico there is some sort of Christmas cake served. Whoever gets the piece with the item in it gets something special, though I don't remember what my hubby said it was. But he should know. He's from there.
  • They do that here in Québec, during La Fête des Rois. They put what they call une fève (which isn`t really une fève but rather a small toy like a doll). Whoever finds this in their piece of cake wins a prize.
  • We studied this in French class. Apparently in France they bake a cake around christmas time with one little baby jesus or something in it and whoever gets the slice with it in there is king or queen for the day. sounds like a cool tradition.
  • Very common during Mardi Gras. It's called a king cake (as was mentioned earlier) and whoever finds the baby is king for the day. Laissez les bon temps rouler!
  • When I was young, my mom would wrap a few coins in foil and hide them in birthday cakes.
  • Yes! For Mardi Gras. It's supposed to be good luck if you get a prize in your piece!
  • When I was a kid in London, the school would bake sixpences into spice cake at Christmas time. of course all the kids were screening the food very carefully, because that was a lot of money in the 60's.

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