• It may vary from company to company or owner to owner, but knew a taxi driver once, and he started working for a guy who owned his own cab but was dispatched through a major company. Basically, the owner was responsible for gas, insurance, maintenance, and ensuring someone behind the wheel 24/7. I think it's basically like a store, but on wheels. My friend negotiated his hours, but if no one could drive, the cab company insisted that somehow the owner's car be on the road or be penalized. My friend was paid a commission that he negotiated with the owner. THis same friend eventually bought his own cab for 92,000 CAD in 2004. I'm not sure what the going rate is, but that's one rate.
  • Im a Cab Driver , Slash owner in Pensacola Florida, my Site is the pay varies on this in our area, as you can own, lease or run on a 50/50 split with a owner, however its not going to get you rich, with the cost of gas, maint, insurance and other costs, your lucky if you make 8 or 9.00 an hour on average

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