• I never heard of it being a mandated thing... I normally use "The Holidays" because contrary to popular belief, Christmas is not celebrated by everyone.
  • I havent heard about the entire country of America saying "the holidays" but I know wal-mart and schools have to.
  • No, we don't HAVE to; however, giving the variety of cultures, faiths and all of the political correctness that surrounds everything today, it's only fair that the term Holidays be used instead of Christmas, Kwanza or whatever other BS they call it
  • It's not actually a law. A lot of people who are very "PC" (not that I don't try to be politcally a point) are insisting upon saying "Happy Holidays" so as not to offend anyone. I say both. I'm not offended either way.
  • Still CHRISTMAS in my house, and I don't care who, or what other group I offend, get over it...
  • We call it whatever we want - alot of people like to say Merry Christmas just to make the point rather than Happy Holidays
  • No, we don't have to, at least not yet. I personally always wish people a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Politically correct? Probably not, but that's my decision. Die hard old dinosaur.
  • Nope, never heard of this.
  • At work I'll say Happy Holidays, but when I'm out and about I'll say Merry Christmas. I kind of have to be PC with the job that I have so I think about what I'm going to say before I say around people.
  • No. Some do, I say Merry Christmas. If you don't believe the way I do, that's fine. People are welcome to call it what they like. I would not be offended if someone said happy Kwanzaa or happy Hanukkah...
  • No. But I think "the holidays" is a good term. There are numerous non-Christian holidays during winter, and even among Christians, the holidays encompass Thanksgiving (my favorite), Christmas, and New Year's Day. When I wish my friends happy holidays, I don't wish to confine my wishes only to Christmas.
  • While there is no rule or law, people are trying to please everyone and remain politically correct in using "holiday" in place of "Christmas". If I'm thinking of Christmas, I'm saying Merry Christmas. I'm not politically correct but I am loyal to my faith.
  • it is more pc to - but we still say merry christmas
  • Who cares.
  • As an American, you don't have to call it anything. That's one of the few freedoms that we haven't been stripped of. My father-in-law is Jewish, but being married to an Italian Catholic for 50 yrs & raising 5 kids as Catholics, he still says Merry Christmas to us, as we do to him. We also have a Hanukkah celebration to not leave him out. We can all get along if people weren't so damn touchy about WORDS.
  • I wouldn't think so. But it always confuses me when I see people talking about 'the holidays'. Because to me, a holiday is a holiday. Like abroad. If I said 'happy holidays' to somebody here, they'd just look at me a bit strangely.
  • I think when folks say the "holidays" they are simply referring to the combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New years. Since they are all so close together.
  • It is no longer PC to call Christmas, "Christmas." We are supposed to say "the holidays" so we don't OFFEND other religions or beliefs. When did this become such a problem? And when will it become a law and how long will the sentence be? Don't laugh, it could happen! When did Americans become such sissies? Why do we have to accommodate people who come to this country but can't speak the language, so that we have to have ballots, menus, etc, written in at least 2 languages? Why must we give OUR Social Security to people who never put a SINGLE PENNY into it? Why do U.S. citizens struggle with health care costs while illegal immigrants can get it FREE? Oh, don't get me started! I am not saying that only Americans should receive the benefits of living and working in this country. I am saying that we should not have to work so that people who have contributed nothing or very little to the system should get what WE work so hard for, and are frequently denied, but put up with the government giving to others for just being alive and asking for it? And what about the government bailouts? We don't see the people whose houses are being foreclosed on getting the money, but the execs at the bank are getting "incentives." When the gov't hands billions of dollars to the auto makers, will the employees get big fat bonuses? No, but you can bet the execs will be taking home a hefty handful of the money! Okay, I'm done now. I just don't get why we have to kiss the asses of every group who starts whining about something. It's the American citizens' money, we should not have to give it away!
  • No, we do not "have" to say one or the other. Heaven help me if they try and run that one over like they did prayers in the schools. It is quite simple folks.. if you do not celebrate/support it.. do not participate! Stop trying to control those who do. I say Merry Christmas and anyone offended by it .. well, they have a problem. If someone celebrates a holiday I do not and they wish me well on it.. I would not be offended. It takes a real jerk to be offended by something like that.
  • N for nuts, A for angels, H for holly.
  • I think is has a lot to do with fear, to some people. Just knowing that there is something out there that is more powerful than them. Some may not realize it, & just go with the flow. But some of them who do realize it, fear to admit it to themself's or others. So they try to make up new laws, to cover up the truth......Just my point of view tho. All of this that is taken place, can be found in Bible prophecies that have been foretold many years ago........Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.....................M.C.S.
  • Ask the jews if it's alright to say Christmas!
  • 6-26-2017 What we call "the holidays" begins with Thanksgiving and runs through Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year's Day, a little over thirty days of folksy feelings. Greetings such as happy holidays, season's greetings, and others have always been acceptable, and there have always been people complaining and wanting to "put Christ back in Christmas". I suspect those are the same people who think "Christ" is Jesus's last name. Americans are remarkably ignorant about religion in general. Many or most think "god" is a swear word and "Jesus Christ" is two swear words.
  • Whom do you mean by "the US" and who do you think is mandating this? Generally speaking I would say no.

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