• i had a golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix. (both parents were akc) his name was Boo. named so because when my parents got him, i was 3, and i was scared of him, and he was a tiny pup. He lived 14 years, and all through my adolescence he was there, growing with me. when he died, i was 17, and i understood everything. or so i thought!
  • Serena my daughter... She acted like a dog when I wanted one, and sometimes she acts like a cat now that we have a dog :)
  • Our dog Topper! She was a little border collie/shepherd mix. The sweetest little soul ever. All she wanted in her life was to be with our family and loved us all unconditionally! I miss her!
  • Mickey, border collie, with a bit of kelpie..... He was a great friend - I miss him!
  • It was a Alaskan Malamute. Back when I was a teen & still lived at my parents house. I came home after work one day. And seen one of the neb's kids there with a basket ball. He was only about 4 yr's of age & wanted to play ball with my younger brother. Only my parents & brother had done left to go to town. I needed to get a shower & get to a meeting myself. So I told the child to go on home. And to call back later, to see if my brother was home yet. I went on in & took my shower & came back out to leave. When I got into the truck & began to start it. That Malamute jumped up on the door, with a fearful & meaningful sounding bark. I pushed her back, but she would not let up. So I got out & played around with her for a moment. Then when I started to get back in the truck. She went kind of nuts again. This time I walked out in the yard away from the truck. And set down in the grass with her. Then I seen that little child under my truck. He had rolled the basket ball under the truck & went under to get it. Thinking because I had told him to go on home. That he had to hide from me under my truck. We'll Thanks to that smart dog. I did not back over the child. Nor did I go to my meeting. For I played ball with the both of them, until the child's Mother called for him to come back home. By that time it was to late to attend my meeting. But do to the reason, it was OK with me. For to me a child's life, is worth more than any dang old meeting. And the impression that Malamute left on me. Is one I'll never forget........+5 for your question...............M.C.S.
  • My cat Shaggy. Greets me when I arrive home from work, follows me around the house many times, meows to me often, sleeps on my lap when I try to AB and he's a very playfull friend.
  • Does humping my leg all the time count as a "lasting impression". If so, I'd say our dog "Humper" has.
  • Sassy, my Maine Coon cat. She could climb almost anything, scratched at the door like a dog to go outside (I never had to have a litter box in my house), she brought homeless cats home with her and fed them out of her own bowl, and she had her own pet mouse who followed her all over the house in his little gerbil ball.
  • That would be my full-grown Bengal Tiger whom I called "Fluffy." Everytime I look to where my right arm used to be... I think of her. OKay...OKay... just kidding. It would have to be my childhood kat, "Tiger." She taught me how to relax and live life to the fullest. That cat was the most un-flappable being I ever knew. It didn't matter what stuff was happening around her... she kept her cool and laughed it off with a disinterested yawn. Gosh... I miss that cat. Hope this helps.
  • I'm on my 4th animal Blackie the cocker spaniel when I was 10 Smoky and Tiger..two cats we had 20 years ago. Tigger the cat we have today...Tigger definitely! :)
  • Ooooh, it was the one with the mustache, hair on her back, fat, sharp, wait, that was no pet that was my ex-mother in law, yikes!
  • It's Rocket, the labrador retriever that I have, now. He is a true friend. When I let him out to go outside, I have to walk down stairs. He walks ahead of me but keeps turning around to make sure I'm making it down the stairs ok - he doesn't get far ahead. Rocket has given me much more than I could ever give him in return. He is a loyal companion. He has also given me a lot of humor - he punishes himself if he thinks he has done something wrong by going and jumping in the bathtub. If I ever had to live alone, I wouldn't feel lonely because I would have Rocket by my side. Oh, I forgot to mention, he has a beautiful face and a fox red coat. Yep, he's my buddy and I love him dearly.
  • dog named ginger she was my baby lol i adored her. can't even explain but she was so weird, picky about who she let around her, but she adored me too lol
  • my cat Fuzzy had her from when I was about 6 0r 7 to about 24. Alot of good years and memories. Don't think I will ever love an animal like that because it was there through all the changes of growing up. :)
  • my cat sasha, she has a great personality and has just given us 3 beautiful kittens.:)
  • My dog Chance. I got him as a pup and I swear he could read my mind. When I was alone and depressed he always gave me love and cheered me up. He lived until he was twelve but it was a long last 2 years. I tried to take care of him and all of his ailments but finally in the end he had total system failure and had to but put down. He went to Doggy Heaven on Valentines Day this year, I still think of him daily, it broke my heart.

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