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  • it's hard to let go, he is missing you it doesn't mean that he still loves you.
  • Sounds to me like he has a huge ego problem. He broke it off, you took the picture down. He is messing with your head when he says "it isn't over." I would just tell him to leave you alone and move on.
  • Tell this guy to break it off and stop messing with your head. He can't make up his own mind. He can't let you go. He can't think that you may end up with somebody else. I think it's time you let me he know that if he broke up with you then he should be a man and a gentleman and let you go and move on.
  • He might feel like he made a mistake.If you love him try to work it out,if you don't tell him to move on..
  • he probably still wants to be with you

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