• Ya I always taste food as I'm cooking it!
  • yes! but I also use a new spoon of fork each time. I also make everyone wash up before helping me in the kitchen. Also no pets allowed in the kitchen!
  • It is possible to taste food without adding germs to it - you simply usea clean spoon, and do not return it to the pot but wash it first! That is how I manage to taste food while cooking it
  • I never taste test while cooking.
  • It's the sign of a very confident cook...or he/she has spiked the dish. If you get dizzy after th first bite and your throat starts closing up, yup, it was the latter.
  • No i don't. Just never thought about doing so :)
  • I basically taste it so much I eat dinner whilst cooking,(using the big cooking spoon of course) but only when it's for me and my hubby. If I am cooking for others I use a clean spoon to taste each time. Like they do on t.v.
  • I usually don't taste food while cooking it. I smell it. I know you can't taste salt but I've almost weaned myself off that. Food really can taste good without it, and some can be added when it needs it .
  • I taste the food frequently during preparation. When I'm cooking for mere acquaintances, I use the clean spoon protocol. When I'm cooking with friends, we are all in the kitchen and we have fun eating and talking as dishes are prepared, sometimes never making it to the table. I cook to taste while working loosely off "recipe ideas". Tasting is an integral part of the pleasure of cooking. It is also quality assurance. I couldn't imagine serving untasted results unless I worked strictly to a recipe -- which removes the creative aspect of cooking. I would question the dedication of any cook that didn't do this and I certainly would never muzzle a cook. That would be like blinding Degas or Renoir. How stupid. And then to brag about it? How gauche.
  • Always. And many people who have eaten my cooking have gone on to live very normal lives, thank you. ^_^
  • Have you considered the possibility that these foreign cooks didn't taste the food because of what they put in it.
  • I taste it before serving it all the time..Must make sure it is up to standards....and I want to get my share before it is all ate Never trust a skinny Chef!
  • You betcha. I didn't get this butt by osmosis ya know;)
  • A good chef always should taste the food that is cooked.The guest should not get something which does not taste great.I always taste the food that I make.
  • If you are cooking for someone you like, taste and make it the best you can. If you are cooking for someone you don't want to come back, put whatever "crap" you want into the pot. Spicing food has a fine line between delicious and disgusting.
  • I find it interesting that these cooks insist they haven't taste tested their food. I have been cooking since I was a teenager and have always taste tested (the clean spoon is the ticket here). It's the only way to know whether your recipe is right or missing something, or otherwise the taste that you're looking for. I would never serve a dish to guests without being certain of what they are about to eat.
  • im happy to hear this, im sick of seeing 'topchefs on tv dunking their spoons in constantly and then using them to stir, its revolting! i dont want anybody elses germy saliva in my mouth without invitation, and i wouldnt dream of doing it to others
  • That sounds like they were trying to reassure you. Personally, I either only taste one spoonful or I get a separate small dish to put my test taste in. How can you know it tastes like what you want without tasting it unless it is something that you don't have to consider the blend of spices? I mean, some things you just put the stuff together like potatoes or steak but if you need a sauce or if you are making chile or some other food that needs blending of spices how can you be happy with the result if you don't test it.
  • Yes, how would you know if it is seasoned properly? Tasting it does not mean you will get germs, use a clean utensil.
  • Of course I taste it
  • I cant cook and not taste as the recipe comes along, if you didnt taste test you wouldnt know whats missing or what extra it needs (always using a clean spoon). And everyone thats eaten my food are still well and healthy.
  • Any cook who doesn't taste the food isn't much of a cook. Yes, I taste.
  • I think that is bizarre as it's impossible to cook properly without tasting as you go. I taste at nearly every stage to see how it is doing, what is needed. Food can't be seasoned afterward, it's always too much too late. You must season as you go. It's not a case of hygiene, you can use a separate spoon for each taste or if it's at high temperature it really doesn't matter. I taste everything as I cook and nothing leaves the kitchen that wasn't properly cooked.

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