• If you want 1st hand knowledge, I have no idea. If you want my personal Opinion Id have to say around 56
  • Well, she may very well be intelligent. One can have a high IQ and still make the wrong decisions in life and do things that aren't appropriate in society. If she hasn't continued to seek help so she can make good decisions to do the next right thing(and, it seems like she's regressing), she may end up back in the "mess" she was in. Actually, I feel sorry for her, and at the same time feel grateful that I have not gone down the paths that she has.
  • Room temperature ... but up until a few years ago, the rest of the package was smokin' HOT!
  • If you look at the ad to the right, 125.
  • Three points higher than a horse...That way she wont stop and crap on the street during the New Years Parade.
  • I think she's actually smarter than people give her credit for, to be honest. Maybe not one of the smartest in Hollywood, but not as dumb as she's often portrayed. Yes, she's made some bad mistakes (heck, haven't we all?), but mind you, she was seriously mentally ill for a long period of time and believe me, I have seen people in states like that and they behave very differently to how they usually are and generally their rational thoughts go out the window and they are at a loss for proper words, sentences etc and behave in socially inappropriate ways. We should also remember that having up to 200 paparazzi mobbing you would be terribly stressful, scary and difficult and it would mess with your head in so many ways.
  • Is not 125, it is just 100( a normal IQ, like almost 50% of humans). Check it out here:
  • I dont know, U should ask her.
  • She makes money, you don't. Figure it out.

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