• A trip to the doctor is certainly needed!! Sounds like someone is close to being hurt.
  • its so crazy it cant even be shown!! LOL!
  • I feel sorry for her as she doesn't seem to exist, lol.
  • My sister works at a home for troubled girls. Help me figure out what's wrong with this child. My sister thinks she's possessed or something! She's 11 years old and tiny. She goes into these outrageous fits and I can't figure out any good explanation for the things that she does. Her pupils dilate so much that there is no color in her eyes, they go black. She has picked up a solid wood 6 seating dining room table (that takes two of the grown women to move) completely off the ground and thrown it a foot. She does this sickeningly frightening growl that my sister describes as sounding inhumane and like it doesn't come from her, but from the deepest pit of her stomach. She half expects the windows to start shaking and things to fly around the room, it's that bad! Just the other day they had to restrain her, she was face down on the floor and it took 4 grown women to put her down. This tiny 11 year old child lifted the weight of 4 grown women off the ground in a push-up!!! What on earth is going on with this child?!
  • she may have a multiple personality disorder or black outs, or any number of mental disorders. If you havent already, get her to a phsycotherapist right away. it must be really scary being in her position. and as for her stregnth, adrenaline does crazy things.
  • She needs some serious Doctor's Attention Now;)
  • She might be suffering from a combination of mental illness and an endocrine disorder. She should get checked out. If a physical rules out none of these things, she might have a future career as the next Linda Blair.
  • Might be PTSD mixed with ADHD and/or early psychosis....although i have seen this behavior in crack babies who grow older.
  • I worked with a little girl that was autistic. I thiught she was possessed also. Shw'd throw herself doen on the ground, and growl. She never spoke a word. I started using this picture exchange system with her so she could request things with pictures instead of crawk=ling across the table to get it. It worked. She speaks perfectly now and she "got it" really fast!
  • Sounds like she has been severely abused, could even be irretrievable damage. All this indicates GREAT fear! Some abused children never speak, some hmmmmmmm all the time, something triggers this. It could be a loud noise, confusion around her, a voice, even sometimes a touch, some can't stand to be touched. Any kind of change in her routine. She needs to be seen by a Doctor, I would suggest soon. She is in pain, pain of just being who she is. Also, if she has been abused the things that are done for her own safety could possibly be doing her more harm than good. One more thing, I have known of abused children from all walks of life. Some just chuck it, drop them off and never look back. What a shame. God give your sister wisdom.
  • My son is autistic with ADHD. He doesn't have the angry outburst like this child, but he has a very wicked growl that gets to me like fingernails on a chalkboard. Also when his medication starts wearing off in the evening he get wilder and stronger. He to is very small only about 54lbs. and almost 11 yrs old. Sounds like the child your talking about may have something "mental" going on. I wouldn't be to quick to label her as possessed. She could be severally autistic & possibly have been abused. Like I said my son doesn't have the anger that this girl has. She needs to be taken in to a childrens developmental pedo. asap. to be checked.
  • you need to get this child evaluated by a doctor then evaluated by a child pshyciatrist, she might have some crazy disorder that makes her this way, get medical help now!!!!!!!
  • Believe it or not, this could actually be a neurological condition such as epilepsy. Contrary to popular opinion, epilepsy can take may more forms than that people of as the convulsions. This child is NOT possessed and to treat her as such would be criminally negligent and I would truly hope that any who treated her as such were prosecuted, which legally they should and could be. What this child does need is immediate medical evaluation which may include a full neurological workup and a psychiatric review.

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