• Yes. A moving company is worth every penny. I'd pack the stuff yourself and label it very well. Also, it's easier to throw stuff away or donate while your packing it, to save from packing, moving, unpacking, repacking, then taking to the Salvation Army.
  • First thing I always do when we move (and we move a lot - military) is make up all the beds with clean linens. That way, everyone has a clean, cozy bed to fall into when they're ready to crash for a nap or for the night. Also, don't use newspaper to pack fragile items - you can buy inexpensive rolls of newsprint to use instead, and it won't get your hands and items all dirty with ink.
  • make up small business cards with your first and last name and underneath it put your new address, email, phone # etc. that way people can reach you at your new location.
  • Moving can be very stressful but it need not be. Make it fun. Take breaks. Have lemonade. Play games. Enlist help from friends if you want.
  • Hope you are not moving into a region affected by the drought - or are you moving out of one?
  • Pack as much as humanly possible long beforehand, because even a modest collection of stuff takes all day. Donate all of the undesirables you run across to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, so there's less to pack and later unpack. "One man's trash..." Take your time while you rearrange your new house. It's stressful enough as it is.
  • Pack by room and label your boxes to what they are.
  • Don't use cardboard boxes. They're hard to carry, and fall apart. I suggest somekind of plastic tubs with lids. They're easy to grip, and hold more.
  • on your new house, if you can, select a room (not living or family room) where you can put all your boxes, all of them. You'll be amazed how faster you feel home without all those boxes around and in the way.
  • In addition to drublic's suggestions: When you are boxing things up, label with with the name of the room in the new house where you'd like them. MEASURE the rooms in your new house so you'll know where your furniture fits. Make sure you arrange for utilities to be turned on when you need them in the new house, and off in the old house. Get a big handful of change-of-address cards from the Post Office and send them out to everyone you can think of. Change your address at the Post Office, too.
  • As others have suggested: label the boxes with contents and the new room they belong to. When you first go to the new home label each room there so boxes go where their contents belong, make up the beds first, if all else fails at least there is a place to crash. Make up overnight bags for household members with toiletries and clothing etc., AND make up a container with tea, coffee, sugar, milk, spoons and mugs or cups, biccies or other munchies to have when taking a break, some cleaning items etc., AND DO NOT FORGET TOILET PAPER!!! I learned that one from experience. Goodluck with your move, think about what you have to do and get a plan in your mind so that things should run relatively smoothly...and if you have pets, don't forget their food bowls and food for them too.
  • Visit for moving tips.
  • Watch the movie Funny Farm, that should cover it.
  • Sort efficiently and label the boxes. Like summer and winter clothing boxed separately. And each room to itself. Pack "sentimental" things separately so you can store them in the attic or storage room until you have time to unpack and put away your necessities. Good Luck : )
  • i wish that i could help you by adding to the insightful comments above. i've moved so many times that i've gotten moving-induced PTSD and i'd wish for you that you won't have to move again!
  • If your having friends help you move. Pack and move fragile stuff yourself before hand. If you are having a moving company move you do the same and leave it in your car. Things that are really precious to you, you should move yourself. Make sure you are supervising the move. Movers and friends will get tired and not be so careful about the placement of things. Heavy stuff on the bottom always. Rent packing blankets for furniture so it doesn't rub and get scratched. Also get rope to secure big items in the truck. If doing it your self the best thing to do is rent one of those boxes and store things in it bit by bit yourself. Careful with tv's. Buttons get smashed in sometimes. Get insurance if you are using a moving company or check with home owners insurance and see if moving damage would be covered.
  • Just make sure you are organized. My mom and I have moved roughly 4 times since I was thirteen. We have found it easiest to actually move room to room. Put all of that stuff together in the truck or whatever. Label boxes. Just have some organization. Secondly, if you don't like manual labor that much, we have done this, post some want ads for teens and young adults to help move for a small price and pizza and drinks on you. Ha would be surprised how many will help for pizza ha ha...Or hire a moving company. Make sure you put cloth over furniture that can be scratched! Just use safety first. Use a trolley to help move the heavy furniture. Team lift. Etc. Finally take breaks, mingle with new neighbors if you see them. Just try to have some fun. And get a good night sleep. Also my little tid bit. Get your new bath tub cleaned, and have a nice warm bath when you have finished :)
  • hire some laborors cause itll be worth it
  • Decorate your new house as much as possible like paint, wallpaper, drapes, ect... It is a lot easier to do with an empty house then having to move furniture around after you move in.
  • If you can afford it, have it hired out! But on a serious note, you can use the paper you shred to tuck in your breakables. I used it one time and it was GREAT!! +5
  • A house just had anyone? Brother!
  • Ruthlessly go through all your crap & chuck anything you dont really need..... that should cut down what you're gonna move by about half :)

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