• Justified. But then the person would find out just how serious a crime it is to posses a sawed off shotgun.
  • I think the real question should be "pulled out a legally obtained handgun with a conceiled carry permit" The sawed off shotgun part deteriorates that persons status as being in the right in that situation.
  • In a court of law, yes. Because it was self-defense, his case would be based on the fact that he was scared for his life, and thus had a reactionary response. His fight or flight syndrome says 'fight', not 'flight' basically.
  • I like this question. I think it's justified in that situation but say they police pull the he/she over and search the car and found the gun... you could say it was justified there too.
  • I don't specifically think anything about the person, but i do believe the world is better off without having thugs in it who randomly attack people.
  • If you are attacked unprovoked, I believe you have every right to use any means to protect yourself.

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