• it's not just you. i saw the music video for concrete angel and it brought me to tears. there's a song called runaway love, and it's about these girls who run away because their lives are so messed up. it makes me feel like my eyes turn to wells every time i hear one of them.
  • The "Alissa Lies" song by Jason Michael Carroll? Made me cry the first time I heard it...but at the same times makes me incredibly angry that people would abuse a child! And I think you discipline out of love for the child, which is completely different than abuse. If anything it should make you love your children even more, KNOWING that you would never do a single thing to harm them in that way. :)
  • I detest child abuse or spousal abuse. I cant even watch movies about it because it upsets me so. But that would not keep me from disciplining my children. I have never abused my kids while disciplining them.
  • Everytime I hear Pat Benetar's "Hell is for Children" I get this feeling of pity for abused children, as well as guilt for not being able to do anything about it.

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