• I once did extensive online research for this. I didn't save the links, but here it goes. From what I remember, there aren't supposed to be long term effects, but I'm sure there are other articles indicating that there may be. I do remember reading an article that said that women who are on birth control pills are basically being given hormones which induce them to get their periods. So this means that you are given a certain amount of hormones per pill that will eventually give you your period each month right? Well, if you go off birth control pills, then you are finally ridding your body of the pills you were taking, therefore letting your body naturally produce the hormones necessary to get your period. This is why some women don't get their periods right after stopping birth control. That being said, I think birth control is a great idea for unwanted pregnancies, but if there are other options for you that are reasonable, I would choose them over continuing using birth control pills. Just an opinion though...I'm not a doctor. If you get a chance, take some time to do some research online. Not just one source, but many. This will give you a better idea of what the long term effects are, if there are any.

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