• I used to when I had a backyard. The pool was really good at that.
  • One bird feeder. A chicken yard that has scratched up dirt and corn chops- that attracts many wild birds and squirrels.
  • Yep, lots, we are actually a recognized wildlife habitat...Water, Food and shelter
  • Lots of them. We love to watch them while we have our morning coffee. We also love the deer,squirrels, possums, wild turkeys, etc.
  • Well, our trees attract squirrels, who attract alot of cats, who then attract my dog. I watched my dog save a squirrels life one time!
  • No because I have 4 cats and I hate it when they catch birds - fortunately that is rare however as they have collars with bells for that reason.
  • I used to put out bird seed but the squirrels would come and eat it and then get pissed when there wasn't more and actually try attacking the house to get more. It was crazy. They would jump out of a tree and try to crash through the windows. And, one of them actually ran at the sliding door and crashed into it about 20 times before he gave up.
  • Yes and a bird bath and Nesting Box
  • my granpa's sis used to have seeds and water to attract doves and pigeons. There's also a wooden box hung up in a corner where pigeons come and sleep. Not me though since I have cats and they would eat poor birds. I hate patterned pigeons anyways. I do like non patterened doves though and other birdies. You?
  • Just a couple...
  • Yeah we used to have one, but it's gone now. We didn't bother putting up another one since hurricanes are frequent where I live.
  • We had one - and it attracted birds and squirrels. They attracted cats, and the fallen birdseed attracted mice and rats...oh, and also we had a stint with racoons for a while there too. LOL - overall, not one of my best purchases.
  • Not exactly in my back yard. They are all over the place. All open water tanks meant for cows to drink double as bird baths. Even the mini lake in the middle of the farm attracts migratory birds like storks. We have permanent guests of birds who sleep overnight and build nests on the trees Wild rabbits come to share the cattle feed or to dig up and eat the tubers directly from the fields. Wild boars too visit occationallly - but they are a menace, I must admit.
  • No, I live in the woods and the animals have no problem visiting, one weirded out raccoon in particular...little guy just loves marshmallows..LOL :)
  • There's some in the backyard. It's more like an attraction for my cats actually...
  • yes, an Australian Bottle Brush tree, the birds just love it...
  • We have a bird table and four bird feeders on the apple tree.It also attracts many squirrels too.
  • Yes, me. I'm the only animal attractant in my backyard
  • Two bird feeders but I also have berries on bushes and acorns on the trees. I also have a bird bath which they really enjoy in the summer.
  • I have a large birdfeeder hanging on a red maple tree, and a bird bath to attract birds to my yard. I fill the feeder with black oil sunflower seeds and a lot of different birds seem to like it, especially chickadees and blue jays. I live in the suburbs near the edge of a forested area, so we get a lot of "wild" animals (foxes, coyotes, etc.) where I live.
  • I have several bird houses, bird feeders and apple trees that attract many different critters.
  • I've got several kinds of feeders around the house and in the woods, for different kinds of seeds, and suet, fruit, ground feeders. We have planted many bushes and flowers, some fruits just for the birds and other critters, plus we have many natural fruiting plants around us. We have placed piles of brush for the rabbits and other sly creatures. We've got a bat house, too.

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