• Sure, because old people smell, and I dont want to be smelly :)
  • Yes, I want to stay young for my whole life.
  • Yes, because I do not wish to depart this mortal coil :o)
  • Oh, yeah! I don't care about dying but I definetely dislike the getting old part
  • Probably not. Men in general, and specifically in my family, age very well.
  • Yes, because ageing sucks.
  • Probably. Because I see this life as the only one I have (no afterlife) why not extend it?
  • I would swallow it on one condition... Only if everyone I love and care about swallows one too.
  • No. Imagine how life would be, watching everyone around you age. Having to deal with people wrapped up in their short lives, and the things you know you don't have to worry about. Getting bored doing the things you enjoyed because you have done them so long. Watching as things change, yet remain the same. Saying goodbye over and over and over. Having to learn not to care, not to get close to people, because they will age and die. Spending eternity alone.
  • No. Man ages for a reason. Life is full of pain and heartaches. It's good to live for less than a century. The longer you live, the more heartaches and mistakes you have to remember causing... and dealing with them is enough of a burden when you only have one lifetime. It's good to make mistakes and learn from them, thus gaining experience and wisdom, but... there's such a thing as enough. There comes a point in everyone's life where they'd be happiest to pass along what they've learned and lay down the burden. I remember my grandfather laying on his deathbed, ready to leave, because of exactly this. With age comes sorrow. I often feel sorry for the antediluvian men who lived for 900+ years. To live that long, with all the troubles that come one's way... well, it's not for me. Whether or not I'm right about there being an afterlife is irrelevant to my answer - this life is not worth living for more than about 80 years.
  • hi, rose, babieeeeeeeeeee ... yepper ... and throw in millions of dollars and your fine milk shake and i'm set for eternity ... LoLz ... ^_^
  • I will certainly welcome it and swallow it.. I need the time to read all the books I would like to read. Then I must have the time to write all the books I want to write. Then there are so many small things that I want to do to help people in need of help. The extension of my time will be certainly help.
  • nah cuz after ever one that i loved gets old and dies i'd be the only one left and would be loney as hell
  • No I wouldn't take the pill because I wouldn't want to watch all that I care about age and then die. Life without end would be absolute misery and would deny me a new beginning where ever or what ever it maybe. My soul purpose for living would become diminished and I would end up living a life of loneliness and mediocrity with no hope of moving past this life.
  • No, for this life is just an audition for the next. I don't want to change destiny. Not that I ever could. Not that destiny is a bad thing.
  • I would certainly taste it to see if it tasted good
  • I am not sure .. I guess I wish to enjoy my life as it is .. every age has something nice about it !!
  • No i wouldn't, i dont want to be a vampire ;0)
  • No. I didn't like my youth, I wouldn't want to start all over....let's just get this done once and for all.
  • Yes, but only if I could have my baby, go back in time and get my sexy body back, come back to my baby and my man and then take it, give one to him and give one to my baby girl later when she reaches an age she would want it...Whooo that was tiring!
  • Only if everone else in the world had that exact same opportunity. I certainly would not swallow one to live forever and watch my loved ones die century after century after century. If that isn't he**, I don't know what is! :)
  • No. It's too much about "me." Part of the deal is to allow others to take your place after you have made your contribution.
  • Yes I would without a second thought.
  • Sure but I must have extra for family and friends.
  • No. everything alive dies. It's like that for a reason. When we die we shed our physical body and release our soul back into the universe. I know it sounds fucked up to say but dieing is a good thing.
  • Absolutely, because women are disproportionately targeted for ageism in comparison to men.

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