• I also have an mp3 player. Mine is a cheaper one from Wal-Mart , Dont really know if that matters tho. Anyway what i do to put songs on my mp3. 1.Plug the usb wire into the mp3 player and the other side of the usb wire into the computer. 2. Click the start button on the bottom left of your screen. 3.Find and click on Control Panel 4.Find and click on Portable Device(This is your mp3) 4.1 It may not say portable device it may show up as mp3 device. 5. If you have Limewire. In another window pull up the folder that lists all of your songs. 6. Click and drag on the songs that you want to put on your mp3 to the portable device/mp3 folder . That should do it for you. If you dont have limewire pull up your music library ( this shows all of your songs on your computer) and click and drag them to your mp3/portable device.
  • Just plug plug it into the computer and follow the prompts.

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