• Something to make it a "home", love is the only thing that can do that!!
  • tons of stuff that makes you happy:) Art, books, cooking utensils, pillows, anything, pictures, just add a touch of everything you love:):)
  • Well I am definately gonna want some floors and least one shower..a roof would be nice...throw in a door or two and that might just be enough need some of those too..okay thats it..well..a fireplace would be good..okay really thats it...did I no..thats enough..:)
  • furniture
  • furniture. art, drapery. rugs. placemats for the kitchen and bath. etc.
  • a urinal.
  • a god damn Microwave!!!!
  • furniture, lamps, art or picturs, kitchin crap, tv, air conditioning and heater, rugs,books, shower, crap pot, thats all i can think of
  • Love and Family
  • Stereo gets hooked up first (Gotta have music while moving!) Refrigerated foods next (can't let 'em spoil). Bathroom stuff next (uh... You know? And I'm NOT talking about all the towels and washcloths!) Bedroom gets set up next (even if you don't finish unloading living room, or cleaning it enough to use, you can SLEEP!) Curtains and/or blinds (so you can run around at least 1/2 naked) Rest of kitchen, so you can make some meals (Well, at least fix bowls of cereal, cook some hot dogs, etc., though most will be delivered - Pizza, etc.) (Usually while the wife/women are putting together the kitchen, the guy(s) are hooking up the rest of the a/v equipment, then moving in the rest of the heavy stuff.) Once everything is set up, it will probably be time to hit the stores - Groceries, probably new towels, possibly new sheets, maybe some paint (most people repaint), MATCHING curtains, pillows, decorative items, etc.)
  • What do I need personally? Four bedrooms, three baths, three or four car garage, and a private office, preferably just off the foyer. I currently have five such model homes in my listing inventory. On the bright side, I can't afford any of them. On the bad side, neither can anyone else. :-(
  • Larger kitchen
  • I love old new houses... Victorian or 1920's craftsman outside and all modern ammenities inside. But since I dont have the luxury of being able to create that for myself... In a new construction home... I expect that it is not just particle board and 2 X 4'S glued together in a week by a bunch of underpaid over tired constructions workers. I like it to be sturdy and well built with modern fixtures and features and protected from the elements so that I can save on my Insurance! If you mean what I need to PUT INTO a new house... Everything... Furniture, food, toiletries, rugs, window treatments, linens, utensils, a nice set of dishes and an everyday set, cultery, accessories, appliances.
  • What I will need in a new house is four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms, with all the basic things everyone else mentioned. Now, what I really want is a nice big bathroom with a huge Jacuzzi tub that can accommodate four people and one of those crazy showers that has the digital read out and multiple shower heads.
  • Soap, toothbrush, bed, bible
  • toilet paper would be nice.
  • peace love hope and happiness
  • a roof and a bathroom
  • My privacy. Specially when I lay next to the pool I dont want the neighbours to see me...
  • an old house feel .

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