• Open it in MS Paint (Accessories menu) and Save As whichever of those types you want.
  • 1) go to control panel 2) Appearences and Personalization 3) File options 4) View 5) unselect Hide extentions for know files. 6) change the extention of your bmp to what ever you want. FYI tiff works best if you dont want to have any distortion from uncompressing and recompressing.
  • Irfanview. I've used it for years now and find it to be one of the best image editors out there, especially for batch editing and resizing, which I do a lot in my line of work.
  • Yes you can! Just open it up in any graphic editor (one usually comes with your OS, such as The Gimp) then do "file" then "save as" and select what you want to save it as.

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