• No, I am not sick and I will not associate myself with things of that matter.
  • I did have the opportunity and no I didn't and no I won't.
  • no i would not.
  • NO, absolutely not. I personally cannot stand the man and what he has done, but I will not willingly watch that.
  • hmm. I think I would actually. Why is it any worse than the people who were actually there? I think a certain amount of people NEED to see it. and not for 'sick pleasure' or whatever people would assume.
  • Yes, I would. If we, as a species, are going to sentence some to death, we should be fully aware of the reality of it. I'd have nightmares afterward, and I wouldn't enjoy it. However, I would not chose to remain in ignorance of the reality of execution.
  • I did watch it, the day it hit YouTube. There was a lot of taunting, and then they dropped the noose over his neck, someone pulled a lever and he swung. I don't feel like I'm a bad person for watching it, either. I certainly never have approved of capital punishment, even for someone who has committed such heinous crimes as he has, but one sometimes develops a curiosity toward death. And that seems perfectly healthy to me.
  • Just log onto youTube. There's the opportunity =O I remember at my friend's house at New Years Eve, we were bored on that website. We decided to look at what were the most watched videos. All were about his execution. After laughing at a few fake ones, we clicked onto a real video of his execution. After 3 seconds (not even 1/100 into the video), we stopped the video and went to go see the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious video.
  • No. I don't see the point in watching anyone's death.
  • Yes I would watch it. Curiosity gets the best of me sometimes.
  • I did watch it. . . AWWW SNAP!!!
  • They showed us almost all(I live in Russia),but I couldn`t watch it.
  • I think I would watch it out of curiosity!
  • Personally, no. I've seen enough death in real life. If you've ever seen a person die, you would not want to see it again.
  • I've already seen both videos, and the 'after death' video as well. If they ever catch Osama, I'd watch that as well. Morbid, I know, but that kind of stuff fascinates me. Maybe because there's a socially-conscientious sense of taboo about it, I don't know. Maybe it's because it's extreme. Maybe it just makes me feel good to see people like that meet their end.
  • I saw it on the net the day it was posted. I think it should be publically posted for all to see. Thinking about the evil deeds he and his conrades performed... why not?
  • Nah. I just don't have an interest in it.
  • probably not, i dont like seeing stuff like that
  • Yes, I am glad that such a savage faced proper justice. He deserved death, and I would like to see him receive what he deserved. I disagree with anyone who says he should not be executed. Some crimes deserve the death penalty.

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