• i honestly doubt it..
  • "Furthermore, studies have found that there are more births during the full and new moon. Also, there are more male children born after the full moon and more female children are born after the new moon." "He quantified 11,025 births over a period of six years and found that nearly 1,000 more children were conceived during the waxing moon. Apparently, successful conception is easier at that time. More interesting are the results of German researcher W. Buehler. In an analysis of 33,000 births Dr. Buehler found that there was a significant preponderance of male births during the waxing moon." "Birth rates increase (but only slightly, by 1%) during the full moon."
  • I don't know too much about this, but I used to know a police officer from New York City who said there were definitely more crimes commited under a full moon, and more people admitted to the psych hospital too. The moon and planetary alignments can and do affect people's behavior. This is how astrology was developed since ancient civilizations tracked these things and were able to make pretty good preduictions of future events based on these planetary alignments. (Please don't confuse the science of astrology with the horoscope of your daily paper! It's not the same thing)
  • actually it is true, my wife's doctor told her it was while she was pregnant.
  • I don't know but freaks come out at night,and full moons occur at night.
  • I wasn't sure so I did a little research and here is a webpage that may help you to understand.
  • The belief that there are more births during a full moon persists today among many educated people. Scientific studies, however, have failed to find any significant correlation between the full moon and number of births (Kelly and Martens 1994; Martens et al.1988 ). In 1991, Benski and Gerin reported that they had analyzed birthdays of 4,256 babies born in a clinic in France and "found them equally distributed throughout the synodic (phase) lunar cycle" (Kelly, et al. 1996: 19). In 1994, Italian researchers Periti and Biagiotti reported on their study of 7,842 spontaneous deliveries over a 5-year period at a clinic in Florence. They found "no relationship between moon phase and number of spontaneous deliveries" (ibid.).
  • I worked the emergency room on 3rd shift for 10 years. There were always more babies born during a full moom and also during bad storms.
  • I heard was true because of the gravtional pull of the moon
  • My first baby was 11 days early and delivered under a full moon. I hope it was not a fluke 'cause I am 38 weeks pregnant again and NEED to deliver soon. Next Friday (7/18/08) is the full moon and I am so hoping to go into labor!
  • I have heard that they do and also have my hopes up because I have had latent labor contractions for like a week now and today is the full moon. I think that it could very possibly be a myth because pregnancy runs by the lunar callander, not nessisarily the one we use so people might assume that things happen to progress more during the full moon.
  • Yes I do belive it is true as I have 2 daughter's an when I went into labor for each one of them it was on a New Moon.

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