• Its an innate ability to tell if a person is same gender oriented with out really knowing them or to be able to see through the lie they tell
  • It is a term idiots use to say that there are gay people around. Example: 2 "men" sitting in a pub having a couple of beers. One of them sees a gay couple walk in and says to the other... "Do not look now, my gaydar is beeping". It is kind of similar to radar, but aimed at detecting gay people.
  • "Radar - a means or sense of awareness or perception" Adding "Gay" just sets the scope...For sho...
  • measuring instrument (in this case, our brain) in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate homosexuals? :P Partially copied definition of "radar" from
  • an intuition about whether someone is homosexual; a homosexual person's ability to identify other homosexuals through intuition or interpretation of signals
  • It's a term meaning one has the ability identify those that are picking up on their "vibes" I suppose. Funny enough, my gaydar works better identifying men than women!
  • It's a term that means, "I can sense that person is gay" Like radar, only gaydar.
  • Someone's ability to spot Homosexuals without them telling...kinda weird really. Unless it's a man dressed a a woman...then you don't really need a need eyes....
  • It's not an actual device or any kind of physical object, its just how people refer to their "psychic" ability to sense another person's sexuality. All it really is, is that people make assumptions based on a person's choice of clothing, their tone of voice, hand gestures, their reaction towards certain things, etc. Gaydar is just a very crude term for these kinds of judgements.
  • Not real sure. Only time I've ever heard the term was on a talk show where they exposed guys who were flying "under the gaydar" meaning that they would make women think they were gay and not a threat, so as to gain an advantage or inside track with the hidden intention of having sex with them. There was one guy that would make these women think they were "converting" him to heterosexuality. Playing on their ego that they are just that "powerfully beautiful" and irresistible. It was freakin brilliant!

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