• No. I think charging anyone under the age of 16 as an adult is a travesty.
  • Youll have to define on what you would consider to be a kid.
  • Depends on the child and what he or she did.
  • No there needs to be a distinction in the law between children and adults. I believe 16 should be the legal age one can be tried as an adult for serious/violent crimes.
  • It depends on the age and the circumstances.
  • really depends on how bad the crime was..mutilation and torture is learned..and when a child has that in their minds and has the capacity to go through with it..they are a danger to the society..i don't think they should be let out..for the greater good
  • That has to be decided on the circumstances of the crime, mentality and age of the child.
  • As a society, we have collectively decided that there are differences between adult and child that are strictly regulated by age despite the fact that we know that people do not mature at a uniform rate. We have also decided that it was more logical to keep these lines firm unless legally changed as a whole. The idea that the one place we would make an exception to this principal is for the case of vengeance against a child is absurd to me. Most would find it absurd to do the same for issues that may be easier to objectively prove a child was on an adult level in. Example: We would never declare a child could "drink as an adult" or "drive as an adult" and issues special licenses stating a child is an exception to these things even if there may be some basis of truth to it. I knew a girl who was an excellent driver at 13, yet i would not recommended changing the legal age or making an exception for her despite that. When a child kills, it is a sad reflection on our society and a chilling reminder that some monsters start out early. Stating that child is somehow an adult does not change the fact that they are a child not more than doing any other "adult" act can suddenly make someone an adult. I am not saying the child should not be punished and that their crime is any less serious, but locking a kid up with hardened adult criminals is not the answer. They are pretty much prey for sexual predators from day one.
  • Kids know the difference between right and wrong so, with the exception of the death penalty, why not. The only difference would be that a child has a better chance of changing their behaviour for the better with psychiatric treatment.

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