• Stage of puberty. Hm. might be helpful or you can try I never viewed it as staged, more as one long, drawn out hormone raging dark period of life that I was sure glad ended a long, long time ago. ;-)
  • Well I was age 16 when I had puberty again it happens when you get your first stiffy which is the hormones that become active that makes your willy get a stiffy then the hormones cause dick to shake up and down for males. It will make you sexually active the next day cause of the hormones. It is called sexual growth. It could happen anywhere either with your girlfriend or boyfriend or in front of others. That's perfectly natural normal and legal it's called maturity all part of growing up. If they get you arrested for it then they are Jerks that don't understand cause they mix it up with the laws afterwards for males that if you get a stiffy outside when a adult. That's quite worrying cause when your going through puberty of any kind when either age 13 or age 16 like it happened to me indoors in class when age 13 and age 16 in a boarding School next to that School they might get you for it and attack you for it they did to me. It seems that puberty is against the law in the United Kingdom well to them that got me into trouble it is. We're not the only ones going through puberty when you become age 13 and age 16 cause others seem to get into trouble by Teachers, bullies and the law too for having puberty. Written and sent by Mr Michael Clifton I'm now age 31 and puberty has stopped ages ago when age 21 is when you stop growing.
  • Oh, bruther! You're in a very tough stage, indeed, you seem to have hair in all the wrong places and no hair in the right places
  • It happened to me when I was age 16 in 1993. When you are age 13 for males sperm comes out that could also happen when you are in class or at a boarding School or even at home it may well happen outside. Also perfectly natural normal and legal then. When sperm comes out from you of age 13 it will smell too. Others noticed that it smells too in my class when it happened to me when I was age 13 back in the year 1990 which got me into trouble from getting kicked and beaten in at Home by my late grandparents and by Dr's and attacked by two Cops cause their thugs. Written and sent by Mr Michael Clifton. I'm innocent then. We're all innocent when you are going through puberty when age 13 and age 16.
  • Does anyone know where hormones are in your body? I'd say the hormones are around penis inside just before the penis.
  • Hey, you didn't tell us if your voice was deeper and if you were having lots of "wet dreams". How in the world should we know?
  • If you want to find out the answer to where the hormones and their effects are on your own puberty then go to
  • When your voice deepens you hear a crack in it I also got done for this by my late Gran and at School. When I had a wet dream it was of naked girls on top of me giving me a good fuck backwards and forwards when I woke up in the morning I found my bed wet to the bottom I didn't realise it was piss cause it's the Wet Dream that makes you piss in your bed. That is natural and normal when you go through that cause it is part of puberty. The naked girls on top of you in your Wet Dream is erotic and a pleasurable experience. I had a good fucking time I didn't want that dream to stop. Also got into trouble for that Wet Dream cause me late Gran she made me eat piss on Toast which made me sick she thought I pissed my self on purpose you know like you do when you are young of age 12 when you do on purpose then that's childish though when you go through it during puberty with that Wet Dream that's all part of growing up puberty.
  • When your voice cracks as it gets deeper during puberty it makes a crackling sound and sounds like a volume getting turned up or down when a record is on slow motion.
  • When I was age 15 in 1992 I once saw some kid about my age get fucked by a girl of his same age range. My mates in the early 90's was like that too then yes we do like that kind of thing with sex when we use to be young lads in the early 90's we use to like naughtiness things.
  • Funny. No, the next stage isn't telling anyone on the Internet puberty doesn't course you to tell anyone on the Internet. The next stage is when you are in your 60's that you start to get grey hairs then your hair on you head becomes white all over the only differences is that you've lost your virginity and you won't be having sexual hormones making you getting siffes and any other things that's considered as dirty to the older folks than me when you gone through what you went through as a kid and teenager.
  • My puberty started when I was age 12 before October 29th 10th 1990.
  • It does happen to your body when you are age 16 it's on a set timer there's no need for adults to kick and beat us in. Michael Clifton got that at School now he no longer exist nor has a Job cause they've gone round and done that to him as kid and teenager in the 1990's he use to be Michael Clifton. That's for all of us that have gone through that. Good luck to us.
  • When you become age 16 whatever you do don't have Puberty in front of Mrs Jennifer Scarf Boarders, North Yorkshire, UK cause she'll think it's illegal and get you arrested the next day after setting you up. She and others will try to get you into trouble with something else twice on the same day that hasn't happened just cause of a Stiffy. Stiffy is part of Puberty at age 16. It's all part of growing up. Just keep away from her when you go through that.

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