• Yes. A Nobel price + a lot of money (included in the price)
  • Conspiracy theories aside, the reality is that it will never happen as a cure to cancer can cripple the healthcare industry. Man has discovered & invented things that were thought of as absolutely impossible like space exploration. Same happened with AIDS, outrageously expensive medications were concocted in a few short years, yet, no cure. And still, we can't find a cure for cancer. Why? When analyzing things like these, one must look at the cause and consequences and the answer usually lies somewhere in there
  • Many cancer types can be totally cured, specially when diagnosed on time. Two weeks ago the genetics of cancer were revealed and that will help a lot in the long run. But, most cases of cancer appear late in life, with rising life expectancies, cancer is likely to remain a threat for a long time. As for the money, modern scientific findings are quite complex and expensive, it is unlikely a single individual could claim a major breakthrough single-handedly. That goes to pharmaceutical corporations and big labs.

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