• Wash it with shampoo...kinda obvious
  • Spray engine degreaser in it, that should help.
  • I think that you mean you want to clarify it. All you have to do is take baking soda and mix it with your shampoo until you form a paste. Put it in your hair and leave it in for an hour. After you wash it out wash your hair again. You will need some good conditioner or some protein to put back into your hair because you are stripping everything out.
  • Use shampoo in dry (greased) hair before using any water. It will take more than usual shampoo, but it will take the grease away. and, no joke, if its too much grease use dish soap.
  • there are several clarifying shampoo in the market if that is what u mean. u can also try using those clear shampoo. otherwise if your hair is simply too greasy shampooing your hair twice or more will do the trick. personally i shampoo my hair and condition it everytime i take a shower which is usually twice a day.

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