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  • please don't do that!! it is a permanant thing to a tempary problem. and it is not fair to famliy and friends and yourself. you have more peolpe that care about you then you know.
  • its selfish and im sure ur better than thatm it would crush ur family and friends and everyone would blame themselfs, can you think of reasons worth causing all that pain and upset to them? plus life gets better always
  • there is always hope it will get better, and you will leave this life unhappy..... do you really want that? and as you've been told already by others, don't you think you will cause pain to those around you? try and go talk with someone and voice your fears, you might find some angel ready to help! i wish you happiness... every cloud has a silver lining, and sunshine always follows the rain, even if it seems unlikely, the sun will shine, if only you wait for it enough!
  • other then the usual mix of ethics, morals, and the whole guilt trip of friends and family...... in all honesty, i really can't say. i don't quite know who you are and how in touch with society you are. to be truthful, i myself have had multiple thoughts of suicide. no one but me knows of this (and thanks to the anonymous nature of AB, no one else will.... hopefully). for some odd reason, i'm still here. my reasons: i've felt death (technically, it was only a dream, but it sure felt real) and i've decided to just live out my life until i have a good enough reason to do otherwise. to close this, here's a quote:Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.-Isaac Asimov
  • God gave you a life for some purposes; he is the only one who has the right to take it. Suicide is a sin. Find for what purpose you are here.
  • There is always tomorrow and when tomorrow comes go another day at a time. You can always do the ultimate whenever, so give it time, you hold all the cards in this situation, things usually get better.
  • Since I don't really know you... nope. I can't give you a reason. But since you're asking on here that means you're having second thoughts about the idea. So there's your reason. You obviously don't want to do it, so don't.
  • If you enter the spirit world in any other way than by the way that is supposed to end your earthly life (which means suicide) you will be EXTREMELY unhappy with the result. It is a very dark, cold, lonely, and desolate place for suicides.
  • Because you have very cute kids who wake you up in the morning :):):)
  • BECAUSE I WILL HAVE NEVER HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO MEET YOU, and im sure you could make a positive contribution to my life if we sparked up a friendship
  • There is no reason that any person should end their life at any time.
  • Oh my friend I'm so sorry to return to AB to find you so down; I wish I could fly to be with you now. The main reason we know is because your kids need you and of course you need them! They are your reasonS for living so cherish them and find comfort in them; your precious reasons for living. This time of year is hard for me too as I have, as I suspect that you do, Sunlight Affected Disorder. There are treatments that will help but they took a few tries to find the right one as they may with you but please my most respected friend; seek help now for you and your children's benefit. The new daylight lamps and light bulbs help me and can make a bit of a difference pretty quickly. I also take Dual Ginseng 3 times a day and a vitamin D3 supplement. This combination along with my doctor's treatment has worked! It took me years to figure this combination out and I offer it to you and plea with you to try it with your doctor's guidance of course. I know the pain this can cause especially when other things are going wrong too. My email address is in my profile; feel free to contact me if you need an ear; you've helped to make my time here so enjoyable and informative I hope I can return the favor in some small way. Your friend, PrimeTap
  • I feel your pain. But my grandkids need me and I need them. Listen to Coat of Arms it seems they have been there too, I'm going to try what they said try.
  • if you kill yourself, everyone who has ever met you, even people you think might not even give a shit about you, will feel guilty, like they should have done something. alternately, they will feel angry at you. personally i don't want the mark i leave behind on people to be that of guilt or of anger, let alone both simultaneously. think about what you want people to remember you by and focus on living your life around that. death comes for everyone soon enough, no need to bring it on yourself.
  • What kept me from doing it when I was severely depressed was realizing how much pain it would cause for the people around me. It's hard to realize when you're depressed how large of a ripple your death would cause.
  • i might have an idea for ya... first answer me this. Are you on any prescription drugs for depression, anxiety, or anything of the sort? If so which ones?
  • No, but we can talk.
  • Because there are those whose lives you have yet to touch who will need something that only you can offer.
  • I would never presume to know what you're going through. However, having suffered from depression for many years, I can tell you that there were long periods in my life when I felt that I no longer wanted to be alive. Not so much that I wanted to die but that I didn't want to continue living as I was because the pain and hopelessness were so excruciating. But somehow through it all I always had what I refer to as my pilot light, a small flame burning inside me that would not allow me to give up. The light that brought me to therapist after therapist, psychiatrist after psychiatrist for meds, got me up in the morning so I could do just enough to get by rather than fall into the abysss. And those were days where getting out of bed in the morning felt like moving a ton of concrete. Sounds like that light for you is your children. The point is that you have it. I gather from your other comments that you're getting help. But if you're still feeling this way and it's been a while, you might need to change your treatment plan. Perhaps a new therapist and medication if you're not on it. If you are, a change of medication. Suicide is often referred to as a permanent solution to a temporary problem. While your problems may seem insurmountable now, leave yourself open to the possibility that this is your mind giving you misinformation. That there is hope, that the "tapes" in your head can be reprogrammed or pushed aside for new ones. That is what therapy and medication can do for you. There is so much good in life, so many wonderful things to experience. But you're weighed down, as if by ball and chain, by depression. Use your pilot light, the one that had you reaching out by posting this question, the one your children are holding, to guide you into the sunlight. I did. And you can too. Remember that you're not alone. You may tell yourself that but it's not the case. Please feel free to speak to me about this at any time. I've worked my way through almost forty years of depression. Not every day is a picnic but it's a good life. It's a life worth fighting for- so don't be alone. Let us hold your hand and show you:)
  • First thing,What You are assuming that this life is yours is wrong!Life is given to you from the supreme!You never went to supreme for asking to grant the life ! When your time will be up ,you won't even be able to breath a single more breath nor a single second will be added to your life!
  • Do not take this as an offence; I just want to tell you that your attitude toward life is wrong. We are not here to stay still and waiting for happiness or wealth to fall from the sky. Regardless of any religion or belief that you have you should not insult or blame other people for your failures. It is a wrong way to think that life in earth is just for fun and to say that some people are lucky and some are not. Everything depends in what you belief and what path you choose to become what you want to be. With the negative attitude that you have you will never reach your objectives if you have one. A lot of successful people where poor, from scientist to politician, and the reason they become successful is because with their positive thinking, their strong will and their logical path they choose, they become what they are. Increase your knowledge since the more knowledge you have the better chance you will have to choose the right path. Life on earth is not easy, on the contrary is a challenge. Prepare yourself for that challenge as many have done and became successful.
  • I only know the reason i had and that was challenging myself to be better, not to let them win... Also you have kids sweetie..I'm sure this is not the legacy you want to leave them.. I am also again at a low ebb with it being so dark all the time, winter does not help depression.. If you ever want to talk I'm here drop me a line or two :)
  • no how can we know you ? you must know , but then again we never know when we will die but sure you will die on your time
  • My dearest friend.. what has made you feel this way?? Please dont consider anything like this - think of your wife and children - how would they ever cope without you?? you have been working so hard lately, maybe you could take some time off? spend some family time together or some time on your own??? oh i dont really know what to say to make you feel better, im just so worried about you. Please get in touch with me if i can be of any help at all, even if you just want to chat You dont realise how many peoples lives you have touched and how many people would miss you if you werent here,.. please give it a few days and think about what you would miss...
  • Because you are unique and have characteristics that your wife and children love. And we like you on here, even if you are a hammers fan. Smile bud, even laugh at my expense. Get around people that are confident and positive in life. i know as I suffered from depression, if indeed that is what it is.
  • I know what it's like. Besides drugs, there r so many other ways that can drive anyone into depression. For me, this year has been god damn crazy. I am only 13 and i can already feel the pinch of reality,actually more like a blow. Competition is everything and socalled friendships translate to influence, which can be converted into sheer power. I am not trying to sound mean or understanding, but if anyone really was going all the way to kill themselves it is acknowlegment that he/she's clocked has been cleaned. Don't let what others decide where ur place is. I am only as human as they can be, who r they to say whether i sit on one of the lowest branch of humanity? In short, the reason is: Not to lose to what u r or going to face. Those bastards r not going to know what hit them. :D We MUST make them pay. Perhaps this is not in ur case, but is certainly in mine.
  • I've read all the answers (27 so far) and I'm on the side of those who offer support. I only have a couple of things to add. A few years ago I cut down a young man who was in the process of hanging himself because he was convinced that death was the answer to all his problems. He didn't feel any gratitude at the time - quite the reverse, I think. But I know he is now living a happy and fulfilled life, so I know there can be light at the end of the tunnel. Also, who would be left to correct people on Answerbag who think we all live in the USA. Hang in there mate - a lot of people are pulling for you.
  • Been there, done that (and cocked it up, obviously, or I wouldn't be typing this now). The best reason I can think of is a simple one. Today is bad, tomorrow may be better, days after may be better still. There are no guarentees of no problems and no pain, but no certainty there will be problems and pain either. There is hope of improvement in an unknown time that is yet to come. Most people who consider taking their lives don't see this, but the potential exists nonetheless. Ending one's life takes away the possibility of change. You lose everything you have and everything you might ever have. That's a hell of a price to pay for a damaged view of the world. Be stubborn and don't give in to the type of feelings that lead down this path. The things you learn as you climb out of the pit are sometimes hard, but worth knowing.
  • Slothmister, you are not a bad person, or crazy, or weak, or flawed, because you feel suicidal. It doesn’t even mean that you really want to die - it only means that you have more pain than you can cope with right now. I have found this website to be very helpful, please check it out.
  • Because we love you and can't live without you. Do NOT do this to us!!!
  • Your life is precious and you should never contemplate taking away that which God has given you.Think of your family and friends that love you and who will grieve for you.We all have little problems in life which start to wear us down,but nothing is ever achieved by ending ones life over them.I would suggest that you seek professional counselling which will help you overcome your anxieties.
  • My first thought, if you took the time to post this question, then you really don't want to end your life. I know things can get tough. I've been there...I've felt hopeless and unloved and wanted to end my life. I thought about it hundreds of times, but I never did it. Because I always thought...if I just wait, things can change. I love my family and friends. Hell, I love my little cats...they are my kids. There are too many things I still want to do. If you are stopping and thinking and taking the time to post, then you don't want to do this. Think of everyone who loves you and needs you.
  • Life is a journey of pleasure, pain, happiness, sadness, success, and failure...not to mention all other ups and downs. Right now, you feel down, but it's not time to end it, it's time to grab yourself by the bootstraps and pick yourself up. There has to be at least one thing in your life that makes it all worth while. Do you have a significant other? Are your parents still alive? Do you have brothers and sisters? Friends and acquaintences would be terribly sad and family members would be absolutely traumatized were you to kill yourself. Just like the economy, life can only take you down so far, and if you work to fix your problems, brighter days are ahead. Please think about where you are in your life right now, about the people this act would affect, and where you can be if you apply yourself. Think about these things and please don't do it. There are people who love you, whether you feel it or not.
  • my dear dad died in september,life is to precious to throw away.............
  • None of asked to be born ... but here we are anyway. Life is not ours to begin or end. Sometimes it's hard and full of pain ... and that's OK, because if it was all easy all the time, there'd be no room for maturation. Use your challenges wisely. Love your mistakes more than your successes. If you're suicidally depressed, I urge you to get help. Talk to a therapist. Take your meds, if you've been prescribed any. Give it time.
  • Well....God loves you and he created you to show you the beauty of life. Life is beautiful. It's not just about our daily routine its about completing your self.
  • Because giving up is never the answer...
  • Suicide is a big choice. I'd say, take a look at other big choices you haven't explored in life and make an effort to achieve the most possitive one. It's scary to make any big choice in life. But, I'd much rather decide to move cross country or whatever other options you would choose, instead of suicide.
  • Because life is never static and things will always change. If you feel like you're at the very bottom, the only way is UP, right? And because life is never static, you WILL get back up again.
  • Hi, Slothmister, I thought I would share this very early post of mine with you as you were one of the first people to encourage me to get seriously involved with AB when I was a newbie on AB last year. I still get a kick out of reading your answer to my question. Ever since that time, I have never had anything less than my utmost respect for you. Like I once said, "You are a straight shooter!" You have shown so many of the users on this site that you are gifted with a unique wisdom and that you are not a person who anyone should ever dismiss or take lightly. You command an aura of respect, my friend. I am sure that your better judgment, creativity, and intelligence will rule the day for you and the black moments will go away just as the sun makes the storm clouds vanish. My best regards to you for the speedy return of happiness and wellness in your life.
  • because life is an amazing thing.don't waste it. without weathering the lows you won't appreciate the highs.just get through this low and there will be a high point on the horizon.
  • I know you said that you don't believe in God,MAYBE that's just the problem.I believe that God put us here for a purpose.Maybe you need to find someone or something to beleive in.Something that will give you the strength to go on,even when it seems there is no way out.Please don't be selfish and take your life.I'm quite sure there is someone out there that truly loves you.Stick around a little while longer,you'll be glad you did:)
  • As I arrive here, 42 AB'ers have already come here and spoken with you. I haven't read any of those and I'm not even sure what I can say that no doubt others have already said. But I'll write you anyway - just because of what you're asking. First, I give you a LOT of credit for asking the question. I don't know you well enough to be able to cite specific things about you and yours, but I know just enough to see this as a real question and not just a "drama" thing. And so .. with that .. I applaud you for it. By deciding to post your question, you effectively took "a time out". That was WONDERFUL. I've "been there" re: highs and lows .. light and dark times. The whole point during a low or dark time is that it's difficult to "see" or feel the other side of the coin just then. However, if while in light times you've ever SAVORED them? Then when times are dark, you can at very least mentally tell yourself you know anther way "exists" .. for YOU not just in general. You may not FEEL it right then, but you know you HAVE. That's very different than wondering if it even exists. One other thing we can all be very certain of? Change. All things change if we can but give it time. True for an individual. True for a society. So if/when bad times come .. sometimes it's not so much about changing "them" as WAITING THEM OUT .. going through the motions .. acting "as if" .. until .. indeed .. things DO change .. and the "as if" becomes "it is". (In now, more than mind .. but has spread to heart .. and soul) Full moon vs a sliver. Cycles running their course. I know something else I'll share. Every human being on the planet .. past, present or future .. is special and unique. NO ONE exactly like them .. EVER. And thus, the human tapestry NEEDS your thread in it .. to be as fully rich as it can be. You make all the difference. And of course, there is the whole "It's a Wonderful Life" message. Look at how the world (and particular people) would have evolved differently if you had not been here in the past. Extend that to the future. Given who you are .. imagine the loss if you are not here to just be "you" .. with and for .. those you touch in life. Whoa. (Let alone the other way around. There are others who like to give also. Some may want the pleasure of giving to and loving YOU) Ok, I'm going to stop typing. I hope you don't mind my stopping by here or adding my two cents. This is serious business. But I want to wrap up here by going back to that tapestry I brought up. I sincerely hope to see YOUR unique thread running through it for a long time to come. How much BETTER a picture that creates .. for everyone .. with you in it.
  • Slothmister, I too have been touched by you throughout my time at Answerbag. While I know we don’t agree on everything, you seem like a pretty cool guy that tells it like it is, and I appreciate that. All I can say is that up until about 17½ years ago, I too was often suicidal. I remember considering how to do it, wondering who would miss me, etc.—and then something happened: Regardless of what your thoughts are about so-called Latter-day Saints and/or the Church to which they belong, check out that site, including the “Ask a Question” link. I wasn’t necessarily suicidal at the moment I met the missionaries, but I can tell you that since talking with them and learning more about my Father’s Plan for me, the suicidal thoughts very quickly dissipated and have *long* since disappeared. Do yourself—and the rest of us—a favor, Slothmister; stick around for a while. We’ll all be glad you did. :-)
  • Because there is always someone who loves you more than you know. To end your life would cause them the greatest pain they could ever feel. And you can't take it back. If you can't muster the courage to live your life for yourself, then do it for someone else. The hardest thing to do in this world is live in it. Peace be with you.
  • If you find a reason, please let me know.
  • You might find some help here...
  • taking pleasure in he misfortune of other... sex... irony
  • You don't have to end your life just end your life style. Think of the poor before thinking about yourself. Love your enemy's. Become a missionary.
  • yea because u know better how stupid can someone be jk realy why not find things that make u happy. if life is that bad why not try to live it and se what u can do in the future. dont die to make the pain go just convert it to something better and move on. its like a nother token its not game over try again and se how much further you will get.

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