• No. I don't find a point in spending money and making myself poorer in order to try to seem rich. I do like to thrift store shop and you'd be surprised and the good things you can find. I once found a designer dress for 10 bucks It was a couple of years old but it still had the tag attached and it didn't look dated. I also like to make or partially make my own clothes. I made my own prom dress and everyone loved it.
  • Only for as long as I can find them at the thrift shop
  • I buy nice clothes because they last longer, not because I'm trying to portray an image.
  • I buy quality where it matters to me but I don't care what others think about it. I buy quality in things I want to last and if it's just something trendy or for the summer, I'll buy something simple. I always try to pay the least I can. I buy good quality it food so we get as good nutrition and flavor as possible. But I never buy for the 'other people'. I buy for myself.
  • No, I'm very good at living within my means. Once in a while I'll spoil myself, but it's extremely rare.
  • I would only be hurting myself in the future, by incurring in debts I cannot pay. No, I don't try to keep up with anyone but myself!
  • motto(and my email address through here) is below my means. I live by it as much as possible.
  • I knew a tenant who got an 80K settlement and blew through it in three months followed by me evicting him for nonpayment. During this time period he got a white girl pregnant and her family took him in once he was evicted. I see these same types of people get their government checks and blow them all in a single day. Sometimes it is on drugs but sometimes it is on clothes. Expensive sneakers appears to be some sort of requirement if you live in the ghetto.
  • We make pretty good money around here and I, apparently, try to portray someone of lesser economic means with the clothes that I wear. No label hounds in this house. I just don't believe in spending more on clothes that have no better quality but a big "name" on the butt.
  • No, I don't. Sometimes I can't even afford clothing at Goodwill.
  • I do my best to not look "poor" and to stay current. My wardrobe is pretty basic - blue jeans, t's and sweatshirts. I never pay full price for any clothing - and dont buy high end. I'm at the point now that I cannot afford any new clothes.
  • Hell no! I don't ever like to be fake with anyone. I admit it. I'm not rich at all. Live paycheck to paycheck. I'm a single mother with two jobs. What can I say?
  • If you're doing it retail you're making a big mistake. If you can get a couple of good outfits on sale or at a thrift store it might not be a bad investment in your professional appearance and psychic well-being?
  • i make a good living, but i do over do it, i regret it later but love all the compliments i get and give myself. please forgive me, i will stop when i get a husband or a sponser to support my bad habits but until then, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!!!
  • No, I hardly ever buy anything for myself.
  • Definitely not. I'm quite poor at the moment and so sometimes wear old, filthy, stained or torn clothes. My mates and family don't care, and that's what matters to me; if some snob stranger wants to judge me because I'm poor, they can go to hell. I don't understand people who spend so much money on cars and clothes; I'm content with a old, beat up, decades old car and a few shirts/pairs of jeans, and maybe a hoodie or something to keep me warm when it gets really cold. I'm actually glad for what I have when I know there's always been kids wearing rags starving to death in some gutter somewhere in the world.
  • No way, I've never tried to keep up with anyone and wear clothes that I like rather than what others will like. I don't spend much on clothes at all.
  • You mean am I a phony? No. Designer labels don't mean anything to me..I try to avoid anything that doesn't reflect the real me, warts and all. Trying to impress others by tricking them into thinking I am someone else has never appealed to me, even when I was very young and wasn't fully formed! :)
  • No. My cousin did that. She met someone who was doing the same thing. They outsmarted each other--when they returned from the honeymoon, they realized that neither one of them had any money. They were married for two years.
  • Not all at. I buy clothing only on sale, clearance shoes, half off day old baked goods and discounted food items for quick sale. Gasoline and taxes have been killing me and I gotta cut corners somewhere.
  • I've always bought 'high-end' products & services. Does everyone who does so inauthentic?! ;-)
  • Rich people buy quality goods, but not especially designer brands. Real life isn't what's in the movies. Plenty of people sleeping in their expensive cars because can't afford a place to live. I do notice that rich people coordinate more though. Maybe because they have the fancy closets and organizers ---- and can afford to buy exactly the right color, not what's on sale.

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