• Wow is this in the US Grammy??
  • Yes. Operating any vehicle when drunk is a terrible idea, and as you have seen, can have lethal consquences. I would have expected 15-30 years.
  • His sentence is a joke. A man that drove a 32 foot boat over the top of a 14 footer and had "thrill-seeking and reckless" driving record includes 23 convictions for speeding and 12 license suspensions??? This is sickening!!!
  • In other words each life is worth 1-1/2 years. Yes..something is definitely wrong. Drinking is something over which one has total control. You choose to drink, you choose to drive, you kill people..well, how about 25-years to life? In prison one has to read about drinking and become an expert on the subject of drunks and give seminars while in prison. If one ever gets out and doesn't die first in prison, the rest of his/her life is spent in a half-way house, telling people his/her story. Reptentence won't cut it..sorrow at having killed two people doesn't matter..they're're not. You got off easy. Deal with it the rest of your life by telling others your sad story. :)
  • That seems like an awfully light sentence for alcohol-induced manslaughter. I think that the family members of the deceased should have some input on what the sentence of that drunk should be.
  • He apparently showed no remorse for his actions either. Just another person trying to get away with something they knew were wrong. There's a nickname in these parts for people from that state. It appears he prefers to live up to that nickname rather than trying to dispell it.
  • You know he wont serve the whole three yrs.He'll probably walk out after 1 1/2.There is no justice in this case at all.
  • Yes, of course it is wrong. But to me it reflects that way that our justice system is failing the Western world...This is not an individual case....these injustices happen regularly and they shouldn't! I agree.
  • 1) There are some mitigating circumstances which caused the jury to deadlock on the more serious charges of manslaughter: - his blood-alcohol content was 0.11 percent, higher than the limit of 0.08 percent for operating a boat in Maine. This is certainly more than the limit, but just a *little* more. - he said (and some extern testimony supported that) that the navigational lights on the other boats were off. 2) The sentence is the maximal 5 years in prison, however, a part has been suspended, so he is going to prison for 3 1/2 years and was ordered to serve two years of probation upon his release. The District Attorney had requested a 4 year prison sentence, and is satisfied with the result. Some people were also wondering whether the legislation allowing you to have a boat capable of going 80 mph on such a busy lake is appropriate. 3) Further information: - "Boater goes to prison for fatal collision in Maine": - "Emotions run high as boater sentenced":
  • Yes, they ran out of rooms in prison.
  • i think they should have gotten what the standard would have been for DUI on the highway and no less than 20 years for each life. I don't care if it was accidental when people make the stupid decision to drink and then drive they should pay the consequences for it.
  • yes something is very wrong.... especially when there are people serving 10 to 15 years for possession of a bag of weed, with no other criminal record.
  • Years in prison are no joke. People who think three years in a prison are not sufficient punishment have clearly never been to prison. Remember that going to prison means losing your apartment (or house), losing your job, and losing most of your friends. And of course, this punishment does not bring people back to life. I find this fetish with punishing "evil-doers" to be, frankly, childish. One's system of morality should not come from a comic book. We should be concerned with mitigating the damage done by the crime, not punishing people out of some infantile desire for vengance.

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