• Yes. I have epilepsy and had to have brain surgery to remove scar tissue that was making it hard to mov my right arm. That was at least 10 years ago and I haven't had any problems since.
  • my doctor told me if i didn't quit drinking I was going to die.....soon
  • Yep. I have epilepsy caused by a malformation in my brain. When I was 10 they found a tumor. It went away, but came back when I was 16, then vanished again.
  • Yes. I had a physical in June of 2007 and my doctor found a tumor in my throat, where my tonsils were. I rarely visited a doctor, always thought I had to be seriously ill to see him. Now I have regular check ups.
  • Not yet but i'm getting to the age that with the life i've lead and the job i've got things start to fall apart.
  • When I broke my ankles, the attending doctor told my parents and I that I would never walk again. They said I could expect to live the rest of my life in a wheelchair. Today I can walk again - but I can no longer run, jump, ski, skate or walk long distances without a great deal of pain.
  • My grandmother passed on after having her foot cut off because of bad diet and diabetes. I have drastically changed how my family eats. I'm not loosing a limb to that damn disease.
  • Yes! Cancer! Diagnosed in July, kicked it's butt by Oct 24th. It is changing my life daily and the cancer has a great deal to do with why I am on AB. I am making it my goal to spread joy, advice and as much friendship as possible. My life will never be the same and I want other people to not take their lives for granted either. Live and love in the Now, but start with loving yourself!!! PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS :)
  • many of my relatives have and most of them are dead father has been through many too...
  • Not "scare" but health issue..yes, for the short term. :)

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