• Same problem here man, im going to try blowing all the dust out tonight, that is suppost to help alot, and raising it up on a book for max ventelation
  • OK so i dusted it all out with pressureized air, fuck there was alot of dust built up in one year time, i proped it up on a vhs tape so the vents at the bottom could breath, so far so good, mine used to overheat every ten mins, and it hasnt yet at all!
  • Dont be suprised if you have to dust it out every 2 weeks or so. I have to do it all the time. Even putting it up on a book doesnt help much. It still sucks in all the dust. Im thinking of trying to wrap my xbox in a pair of panty hose. You might laugh, but it could act as another filter to keep the dust out. It should still provide ventilation at the same time.

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