• The lamest.
  • I enjoyed it when I went there although didn't get to see too much. Would love to go back some day.
  • It is beautiful, of Jim's son's lives in Springfield, near Eugene. You have never been to Hawaii? :) Happy Saturday! :) What about Massachusetts or California? Oregon is lovely..but every one of our states has its own particular beauty. It depends on what floats your boat. :) Colorado is gorgeous. New Mexico rocks..Pennsylvania, especially in the King of Prussia or Philadelphia area is lovely. New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine..breathtaking, especially in the autumn. I have traveled through Virginia..another beautiful state. So, well, all of them are beautiful, PP..the ones that I have seen with my own eyes! :)
  • Oregon is indeed beautiful, but my state is also beautiful. Colorado.
  • That statement holds true unless you are a Seattlite. After all, Seattle wouldn't view itself as so great if it didn't have the smaller Portland to pick on... or the Space Needle to ride up and down.
  • It is all right. Great scenery and climate. Doesn't really compare to some of the others, though.
  • It is. I wanted to move to Eugene but for some reason my wife wants to move to Forks, PA. ????
  • Portland and OR *are* great. If you get a chance, go east through the waterfall areas. Eastern OR is dry, scrubby-vegetationy.
  • I was a long haul trucker for many years and would say there are many "awesome" places in North America, but Oregon is a very beautiful state, and rates high on the list.
  • For Oregonians it certainly is the best.
  • Never been there, but have heard it is very beautiful.
  • I don't know. I'll have to ask RFlagg.
  • Never been there, but I'm sure it's pretty nice!
  • Its all about the Va. ;) i think Oregon is a beautiful state but not the most awesome state in the USA. Too much inner-state patriotism to think like that. That divides us.
  • It is beautiful and townie. I love it there, but if you get a chance, I suggest hopping the train to Olympia, WA. It's about a two hour ride (each way) with the most breath-taking views throughout. You can have fresh clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl with a glass of local Oregon Pinot Noir. In Olympia, stop by Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters Cafe for a cup of the finest Ethiopian Harrar. It's a wonderful little day trip!
  • It's a great state to visit. I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER live there again!!!!!!!!

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