• Probably means Hey kids guess what we are having for dinner tonight A "crock of shit". roast, potatoes, carrots..maybe some onion..garlic..some onion soup, and then I just let it cook slow all day. and is dinner:):) That's a crock of Shit:):)
  • Well I thought it had to do with chamber pots that were dumped into buckets to be emptied... But I like this version better: "A crock of shit" derives from an ancient Roman custom that coincidentally took place in Roman times. It referred literally to a pot into which people would excrete if they were particularly bored by whichever freelance philosopher happened to be talking rubbish at the time. The Roman empire employed crock-monitors who were each assigned to a philosopher, and it was their job to monitor the pot (or crock). Should the crock become full, it would be presented to the philosopher, who was obliged, by law, to announce that it bore a remarkable resemblance to himself, thus proclaiming he was full of crap and was, in fact, talking a crock of shit. "I am talking a crock of shit", Socretes 429 BC
  • I don't know for sure..probably the same way that "rat's a**" came into being. Someone very creative got very aggravated and wanted to express him/herself in a unique, memorable way and the juices of creativity sprang(sprung?) into action and voila! :) ((hugs))
  • Ha ha!! I dont know but its a very funny question!!!! LMHO
  • Have u ever eaten something coked in a crock pot? If you have thtas prtobaly where it came from

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