• I only know it in NBA. Now it's vince carter,43 inches. In NBA history,it's spud webb,46 inches. By the way,MJ's is 43 inches,Dr.j's is 41.
  • David Thompson was said to have a 48" vert. Spudd Web himself agreed and said he couldn't jump that high. Spudd's Vert was 46" from the reports I've seen.
  • I agree with post number one, currently its reported to be Vince Carter at 43 inches. Did you know Shaq has a 32" vertical? Wow! Here's a site with a good vertical training program:
  • there used to be a guy that played pick up ball (before the NBA started giveing out the huge contracts so he could make more money playing pick up than in organized ball). I don't remember his full name, but was Earl 'the goat' something or other. It is rumored that with a running jump he could do a 360 from the free throw line.
  • I heard that Earl Manigault "The Goat" back in 1959 could jump and grab a dollar bill from the top of the backboard which is 13' more or less 1' but he was only 6'1 stating he was jumping around 60' vertical 150cm off the ground
  • all i gotta say is we will never see anyone like lebron james i mean come on during the middle of the game the guy takes off from the foul line and dunks it with ease jus imagine if it wasnt during a game since he is never in a dunk only one can imagine

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