• I voted for him my family didnt.
  • A bit depressed, but we can't say that we didn't know that this was coming. The people have spoken, I guess it's our duty as Americans to take what the majority has chosen and make the best of it. :(
  • I am not angry or that happy. I am amused and relieved that it is over. I think we should all treat each of his speeches as primetime entertainment, complete with your favorite snacks. I need to stock up for the Inaugeration and will then stock up for the State of the Union. :)
  • Im a lil upset...It seems that alot of the American people listened to his pretty words...and didnt really study up on how he was planning on accomplishing all of these wonderful things. I wish all that he said was as pretty and wrapped up all tight in a bow as he made them out to be. Everyone will see.
  • I am happy it is finally over and I wish him the best and I am sure he will do the best he can as President of the U.S.
  • The danger of Democracy is that sometimes what you want isn't what the other people hitting the polls want. Now you know how I felt when W got re-elected.
  • Very very very happy, might even consider moving to the US!
  • Pissed and happy. Completely content that I'm stuck dealing with him rather than McCain and Palin, but pissed that those where the shitty choices we were given!
  • I'm very happy, myself. Now you know how many of us have felt the last couple of elections!
  • I think a very bad choice was made
  • I'm bored with the whole thing - find something else to gripe a bout.
  • I am fine, but we need to see the team he assembles around himself... that will be the first test
  • ME! McCain has a very bad anger management problem and health issues and Palin is just a terrible, terrible joke. What an idiot she is!
  • I am sickened.
  • I am neither pissed or happy. I was disappointed at the choices we had. I didn't vote for him, but he is the choice of the people and that's the way it works. I choose to have a positive outlook until such time as he gives me reason to do otherwise. Hopefully he won't. Hopefully, he will be able to mend some of the things which so desperately need mending and hopefully he will surround himself with the people who will help him do it. His choice for Secretary of State kinda makes me wonder, though. Oh well...we'll just have to wait and see.
  • Ya better be careful! The DR's will get you. They really do not like anyone to disagree with their Imperial leader. In this world of Middle Eastern Radicals, We as a country voting in an Arab with Questionable associates and Outright American Terrorists as a best friend! It makes no since to anyone that I talk to, even the ones that voted for him are now just learning the truth about obama and the media that was so quick to avoid asking any real questions of his presidentship to be! They would get DR’d just like the reporter that asked some difficult questions of obama. Obama basically told that reporter to be quiet, he didn’t want to talk about it and got rather pissy. I haven’t heard but I’m sure that whomever the reporter was with is now banned forever by the truth squads.
  • I am very unhappy about this our state was red, and I think america should have went by experience and knowledge, not by color, (which is mainly what happened) by smooth talking,(if you asked me he did alot of stuttering and contradictions, and changing his campaign. I don't think people went by anything but desperation and race. Even though he is mixed white and black
  • Pretty happy my fellow brotha won. I think he can do a world of good if only for relations around the world
  • I'm happy that you bigots finally got your comeuppance.
  • i'm happy he won, but i'm over the whole issue.
  • I couldn't believe George Bush won. Obama, that I can believe. That's how sick people were of Bush.
  • I'm ecstatic! I lived in hell for 8 years. Now the neo-cons can. Also, old as I am, the fact that I'm alive for the first man-of-color president is nearly a miracle. You do realize, don't you, that if Mr. McCain had one, Sarah Palin almost CERTAINLY would have been president at some time? THAT is uber-scary.
  • I believe we need to give the man a chance and stop judging him before hes even in office. I highly doubt hes any worse than Bush. As long as he gives it his all and dont around spewing hatred, I wont complain about Obama. I am giving the man a chance.
  • y r u so pissed off about it r u racied
  • I'm happy about it. I don't understand why so many people are ready to hang the man when he hasn't even made a single mistake. I at least had the decency to wait until Bush anally penetrated me to profess my hatred of the man. What exactly has Obama done to anger you so?
  • I dont think i know that having a new black presadent, is the best thing that has ever happened to america. this is what we needed and everyone who has a problem with it is either a racist prick who doesnt even deserve to be in america. this is a land of the free and finally the black community now has someone to speak from their side. white people have been in charge far way tooooooooo long finally were not anymore. so lets sit back and watch what happens..... it will be interesting and an amazing expierence.

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