• This question goes double for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • at pound #1
  • I would advise that you begin at the doctor's office. There you would probably be offered a reasonable diet and an exercise program where you could lose the weight and keep your health. :-)
  • Get away from the computer and go for a walk.
  • Start by exercising mildly. Go for a walk everyday. Each week, make the walk a little bit longer. Then start to jog. Eventually you'll be up to jogging miles everyday. I lost 70 lbs with just that rutine. Also, start trying to eat a little healthier. That's a big part of it.
  • Begin with eating healthier foods, then try some speed walking and work up to running, getting your heart rate up burns fat, but dont over do it, and drink water so you dont dehydrate.
  • Start in your kitchen. Throw out those twinkies, cookies and frozen french fries. Next to the supermarket, time to get some bags of baby carrots, celery, apples, oranges, cabbage, broccoli, whole grain rice and other healthy stuff. You need to have 1 hour of exercise (biking is a good way to start) per day, and start eating sensibly NOW. Find a recipe for pork and cabbage soup, spice it how you like it. That's an "unlimited" food, so you can have as much as you want. NO bread or other starches except whole grain rice, and only about a golf ball sized scoop per meal. You can have 3 pieces of fruit per day for snacks, and unlimited raw veggies. No cheating! Report back to me in a month.
  • The gym.
  • Why is it that people assume that just because you're overweight all you do is eat constantly and consume nothing more than "Twinkies" and "Ho-Oh's"??
  • Why is everyone getting downrated on this?
  • walking forty minutes twice a day. eliminate corn syrup from your diet. read the labels. eat lots of fruit and drink lots of water. and learn to swim.
  • start with changing your way of thinking.......Do I need this because I'm hungry or because it makes me feel good? (put this phrase on your frig) Portion your food instead of eating out of the box or bag. Start eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3. My philosophy is dieting doesn't work......a lifestyle change does. Remember, you can eat the things you love but don't be ridiculous about it. Instead of a whole 3 slices really slow. Good luck...
  • this same trick works with money too: keep a log. write down all you eat and this will show you your faults. you will notice that the "twinky" could have been a celery stick and a carrot. dont fall for the salad trap!!! ppl go crazy with salads and use plenty of dressing. dressing has more fat, sat. fat, calories, and general garbage then anything else you could eat. also, work out. dont go for things like weight lifting. instead do cardio...jogging, swimming, gymnastics, tae bo, not streanous but time consumming. slim fast and other drinks work but i do not recomend them. just balance your day with the food pyramid. dont try to lose it all too quick. 50 lbs, give it like 6 months. doing this will insure you not only slim down, but tone up. that will help you keep it off. it is a slow process if done right. but being in shape will boost your matabilism and keep you out of your old pitfalls.
  • 1st off may I ask, how much do you weigh?
  • See your doctor first and make sure you need to lose that amount of weight. If you do need to lose weight, ask your doctor if he has a diet plan, many do and they don't need drugs. A lot depends on your general bone structure, height etc. It's not a good thing to go overboard with weight loss. There is such a thing as too skinny. Whatever you do, don't go on a crash diet!!!! I've seen too many people land in the hospital doing that one. Eat sensibly, get plenty of rest and don't forget to drink plenty of water. Exercise is also important. Above all, get the support of family and friends who will give you positive feedback.
  • OMG!! NOOOO! take it from me who has had TONS of expierience!! I am 28 years old and have tried almost every diet pill out there. most of them do not work and the ones that do have horrid side-effects. There is no magic bullet. Look I wanna lose 40 to 50 pounds too and i have found a fool proof way that works. Eat right and eat less. ok..for two weeks you will suffer. You will be moody and want FOOD!! but omg!!! after 2 weeks you WILL see results and you will not crave snacks and you will eat less with no problems. I am already losing weight. I have lost 5 or more pounds in 2 eating low fat or fat free foods and you don't have to eat nasty stuff. try for break-fast oatmeal..with splenda in it. very good. and try foods high in fiber. makes you feel full longer. you can snack through out the day as long as you stay in the limit. A person can have 25 to 35 grams of fat a day and 1200 calories a day. if you go above it THEN you are putting fat and calories in your body that are stored. I am on a diet whwere I allow myself up to 20 grams of fat a day and around 7 hundred calories a day. BOOM! I am losing weight. it works. if you want a list of yummy foods and snacks that are low in fat just ask. Oh drink lots of water even if you hate it. you will get used to it pretty quickly.
  • You begin with realizing that the love affair that you have had with food probably for most of your life??? Is not productive and that you need to replace all the reasons why you turn to food with the things that you want instead of it. How do you do that outwardly? Moderation, self control, a schedule, a healthy diet and exersize. That is THE ONLY way to not only lose weight, but to keep it off forever. Read a book called The Kybalion. It will help you to understand how when you need to change something, working the reverse energies into your daily life with intent and meaning and purpose, changes what is, to what you want for it to become.
  • eat dinner before 5pm and no more snack. you can only sleep after 4 hours. and no ice creams, chocolate, cheese burgers or fast foods. the most important is your determination. slow result but consistent. its better than fast weight loss but keeps coming back.
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  • look at your lifestyle first - fruit and exercise is the key whiilst staying away from ALL GOOD things that are bad for you!
  • you start by BELIEVING that this is going to happen. call it a journey, not a diet. you owe this to yourself and the more you put it off the longer it will be a problem for you. aim to lose 2lb per week and dont follow any fad diets
  • You're at just the right age to lose weight, because your body will cooperate with you. When I was your age, I lost a lot of weight with moderate exercise (Pilates just about every day, or biking if I didn't feel like being a pretzel) and through the EHAS diet--Eat Half as Much! I also counted calories. I managed to lose about 25 pounds, but it took me a couple of years to reach my goal weight. Of course, gradual weight loss is healthy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Cut soda, cut seconds, and ask for low fat versions of things you eat. My friend has dropped 20 pounds in a few months.
  • You begin at the dinner plate.
  • Cut out soda from your diet! I know a guy who lost at least 20 lbs doing just that. DO NOT try Nutrisystem or any of those commercial diets. You also need to believe and trust that you can reach your goal... do not give up! Good luck!!
  • By going to your doctor and getting a full physical including getting blood work done to determine hormone, cholesterol levels, etc. If the doctor says that you can start exercising, then go for a short walk. Walk until you perspire. Perspiration is a good indicator of calorie burning. Try to limit sugar and fat. This doesn't mean that you have to completely eliminate them, just be aware of how much sugar and fat you are eating. Do this for two weeks and see how you feel. All the best to you. +5
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