• Is it losing leaves from the bottom to the top or from top to bottom? If it is losing them from the bottom to top, it's probably from over watering or shuld i say, not watering good enough to get to the bottom roots. If you water infrequently so as not to water too often, the bottom roots never get enough water, and so the bottom leaves of the plant usually start to turn yellow and fall off. You need to water once a lot! And then wait again until the plant is near dry on the top and then again, give it a lot of water. NO more leaves should drop off. But those that are already a little yellow will continue to turn yellow and drop off. Rubber plants like bright light, but never hot sun. When your new leaves are emerging, even less light is advisable, as this will promote larger leaves. Rubber plants are very susceptible to changes in environment, such as warm to a cool room. Keep them out of drafts, and away from heat sources. Good luck with your rubber plant.

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