• People can use their points however they see fit. I have, unfortunately, seen this used inappropriately though. Usually the asker doesn't like the person who answered, so they let them know that by awarding a point or only half of what they can award for a perfectly valid answer. I think that is petty and childish.
  • It's their right. Also, those are still positive points. People here would welcome those.
  • That's the whole purpose of the points system. The best and informative answers theoretically should be at the top of the list when sorted by rating, with less informative answers following. These days on AB, it seems that most people give the full amount of points regardless. I'm guilty of doing that, but it really isn't helpful.
  • I dont even know how to give full points.. I click on the plus symbol and it gives 2 points... maybe I am doing it wrong!
  • Better than giving no points, right? Every ABer can decide how many points they wish to reward the questioner/answerer. They can give however many points they believe a question deserves. They can judge on the helpfullness and/or accuracy of an answer they receive..
  • I think some users, who higher than Sage, are being whimsical when they award people less than the full six points for their answers. Many users will stop answering their questions when they see that their answers aren't getting rewarded to the fullest.
  • I think it's their choice. Personally, I'm honored whenever ANY person thinks enough of my postings to give me any points. I don't go around trying to match up points with comments and then check out profiles anyway. Too much work for something I'm not interested in in the first place. Heck, sometimes, depending on the topic, I'm even MORE proud to receive DR's...because it means I've struck a nerve with some on a point I know to be correct and important. Now watch the DR's come rolling in on this answer! :):)
  • Theres not much more that I can say that hasn't already been said...I too did not know that you could give a different amount of points other than full points..but now I do.
  • 1) It is probably better if we are talking of are negative points. ;-) (In the following, I shall only consider positive points) 2) I think this is their choice. If everyone gives all answers full points, the answers which come first will get the most points, and those are not always the best answers. Even if just the asker gives all answers full points, if nobody else is rating, the best answers will not get the most points. It is nice to acknowledge receiving an answer by giving full points to all the answers that you get, but there are also drawbacks.
  • I always give my full points.
  • cheap..points are free
  • I do it sometimes. When I find an answer to be valid, but incomplete or not well reasoned, I'll give partial points. When I find an answer that is well thought out and supported in the article, I give full points. Who the answerer is or whether or not I agree with the answer is irrelevant; what matters is whether or not the individual actuall considered their answer before they posted. If you can't justify your answer, I'm not going to justify it with full points.
  • I don't think about it. It is their choice to give what they feel is appropriate and that is not in my control.
  • I reserve the right to offer less than full points. I reserve that for answers that I don't necessarily agree with, but it's their opinion and they put forth effort to share it. Normally if I agree or find it humorous, I will give full points. I think I can count on one hand how many times I gave less than full points... Any points are good, better than negs. Even no points is better than neg points in my opinion.
  • The only thing I do not like is when someone ask a question and they do not comment or award any points to anyone it is like they ask for the sake of asking and could careless about the points. how many points they give is not an issue with me but the feeling of wasting my time answering that maybe I could have spent answering someone who honestly needed help.
  • I give only a few points when sometimes when I not only disagree with someone's oint of view, but feel that there question/answer may be misleading and unhelpful to others, but it still needed to be said. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I can't justify giving full points all the time, and there is a thought process behind it.

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