• "gay camps"? please elaborate
  • Have you ever seen the movie "But, I'm a Cheerleader!"? So funny...comedy based on the idea of such camps. I have no idea how anyone could send their child to such a camp. But, as my mother says, it takes all kinds.
  • don't you love religion?
  • What do you expect from people who believe in making others follow their system at the point of a weapon?
  • It just creates more generations of repressed closet-cases, people to grow up living a lie and hating themselves.
  • Do they produce marketing pamphlets emblazoned with 'gay camps - we will fuck your children up proper' These people should be prosecuted for child abuse, it makes me angry just thinking about it Thank god we dont have that bible belt thing going on in the UK
  • Everything I've ever heard has been horror stories. All kinds of emotional and even physical abuse in an attempt to shame and brainwash these people into living a lie. They should all be put away for abuse!
  • Nothing but brain washing abusive camps.
  • I don't like nor agree with those camps. I genuinely feel the camps are bad for the children because of the spike in suicide rates among the children at the camps. They brainwash the kids into thinking they are an abomination. They send them there because they don't know what to do with their children, when all they need to do is talk to them. Simple as that. The bible certainly says that, doesn't it? Ironic, no?
  • i dont know what they do but its wrong the whole idea is wrong... nothing is wrong with them its how they are. they are people... it seems as though someone can abuse there wife or kids and be forgiven but oh no if your gay thats it your done for... its messed up
  • Pro 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Teach them the word of truth. Don't lie to them by telling them being gay is normal.
  • I don't know what goes on there, but I have to add a little comment...That has to be one of the most ridiculous camps on earth. Honestly, do you really believe gay people choose to be gay? If these camps claim to be successful in any way, they are only successful at screwing up a gay person's head and brainwashing them into denying their true self. Maybe it's more acceptable now, but I have to tell you that it wasn't too long ago when they were ostracized, beaten, abused and even killed because of the way they were born. That to me is the equivalent of sending a heterosexual to camp to try to turn them gay. And by the way, I learned that God loves all his children. I don't remember learning that he didn't love them if they were different from what people perceive as the norm.
  • They may be very wrong and a mental idea, but I don't think the "inmates" are exterminated or worked to death. . It would be fun going to one than creating havok for the people that own it. Yes, I would like to go to one. T'would be hilarious!
  • These aren't little kids...they are teens and adults. Whether it's "right or wrong" it's certainly not like a concentration camp -- (that's simply hysterical sensationalism) but more like any other therapy type camp--- camps for teens who cut, camps for teens who are addicts, camps for anorexic teens...whatever. What are ex-gay (or reparative therapy) ministries? Ex-gay ministries started in the early 1970's with a group called Love in Action, under the principle that through prayer gay people could be converted to heterosexuals. Shortly after, the co-founder of Love in Action, Rev. Kent Philpott, wrote the landmark book The Third Sex?, which described the conversion process of six gay people to heterosexuality. This publication captured worldwide attention, resulting in the first ex-gay conference, of which the largest ex-gay ministry, Exodus was created. The ex-gay movement began to grow with the creation of several ex-gay organizations that all believe homosexuality could be repaired. Ex-gay ministries haven't been without controversy themselves, however. Gay rights organizations have scrutinized these organizations stating that the queer feelings of people in these groups were suppressed and not "healed" as they claimed. Many of the leaders of nationally recognized groups like John Paulk from Exodus and Colin Cook from Homosexuals Anonymous have been caught living double lives and were eventually exposed for engaging in homosexual activity. This furthered the claim that reparative therapy was more about homophobia than healing. What are "live-in" ministries? Live in ministries are ex-gay camps run by organizations such as Exodus. For a fee, parents can send their children to these religion-based camps for reparative therapy. There they are taught techniques on how to suppress their queer feelings and how religion can help them make the transition. Adults struggling with same gender feelings can also attend. These aren't little kids...they are teens and adults. Whether it's "right or wrong" it's certainly not like a concentration camp, but more like any other therapy type camp.
  • I have a blue eyed child but I have brown eyes, can I set up a camp to force him to change?
  • very good question.
  • This is the first time I've heard of such a thing... and all i can say is woah wtf is wrong with the world? If my mom sent me there I'd disown her, what kinda shit parents send their kids to that? and good question wtf would they do in there?
  • watch "But I'm A Cheerleader" You'll get a better idea... the camps are more for brainwashing, not so much murder and torture.
  • the 'gay is a sin' brigade will no doubt take advice firstly from their local priest, who given the prevalence of paedophiles populating the church will advise his parishoners that their child is afflicted, rather a cse of 'physician heal thyself' or just rank hypocrisy. The whole concept of 'a cure' for homosexuality smacks of Nazi final solution ethics from the 30's yet these same people no doubt condem that period.
  • What exactly are you talking about. I have never heard of this.
  • I think that you can't change a person. Their sexuality is their sexuality and there's nothing more to it.
  • Its teh evandliest that are found in almost every creed. Why does Iran say their are no gay muslims in their country. Every form of Christanty foram of Christanty Catholics, Methodis, Baptist, Presbyatirns, and non-Denominal have members that think gay is a sin, or some who think gay is a disease abd try to have their children cured. When in reality they are just work camps. God give us the free will to love, and he made gays.

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