• nope nothin falls off at 20
  • I just turned 20 a month ago and I felt old...not like old old but like my youth is running out....and now on top of that i can say that "I'm two decades old". Which just sounds old......but you can't stop it! You'll turn 20 whether or not you want to, so what I told myself is that all I can do is make the absolute best of the youth that I do have left and not worry about my age because it's inevitable! Hope that helps!
  • Hell no, one more year and you can buy beer.
  • nah, you don't find out how childish you can be till you can legally drink
  • I'm turning 20 in 5 months, its nothing to worry about.
  • Not at all. I am going to be 23 on New Year's Eve, and I am not scared. I am younger than my age lets on.
  • No, you shouldn't be, Its time to get old, the older you get the smarter.
  • Be afraid, be very very afraid and if you're not afraid enough, they'll come and get you and make you wish you'd been a little bit more afraid Of course this only happens on October 31 so if it's not your birthday today you have nothing to worry about
  • you shouldn't be but im there with you. im scared of turning 18. granted, im very excited of being cut off from my parents but i dont really know if im mature enough to live life.
  • No, nothing changes in your twenties. It's turning thirty that's the real downer...
  • you should be wary. lots can happen in the next ten years. you can lose track of your goals in life and end up married with two kids working in an assembly line somewhere. just like the rest of us fat farts. take some time and write down what you want to do in the next ten years and then memorize it and put it on your refrigerator door. save your money and find a piece of property in the pacific somewhere to retire to.
  • DeuceGod said, "Hell no, one more year and you can buy beer." That is one thing to be worried about. A lot of people make some huge mistakes in their early adult years. It's easy to start exploring your new found freedom and end up making some huge mistakes. Some things sneak up on you; like alcoholism, drug addiction, tobacco addiction, STD's, etc... These things start out as a fun diversion, but they can end up ruining your life. No one ever woke up one morning and thought, "Today I think I would like to become a junkie and live under a bridge". But a lot of people have ended up that way. These things sneak up on you. It's not one huge life decision that ruins your life. It's a whole lot of little baby steps in the wrong direction. Each little step seems innocent enough, but each one takes you a little farther away from the right path. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. It all started when I was 14 and a friend handed me a joint. I was 44 before God pulled me out of the mess my life had become.
  • Don't be. Try to enjoy your life. I'm pushing 40 and I feel great. Tell life to go fuck itself!
  • The only age to be afraid of is 18 since it thrusts you into adulthood ready or not. You've already overcome that one, so you've got clear sailing ahead.
  • If you were born on February 29th, I'd say you have something to worry about! :):)
  • No - it's just a number, and a birthday is just one more day older than you were the day before. Assigning numbers to birthdays gives the illusion that age increases in significant increments, but in actual fact, it's a gradual process that involves time periods almost too small to measure.
  • No. Remember, all of us get a little bit older every second, including infants. Nothing to worry about. And 20 is still too young.
  • no, its an awesome time, enjoy it relish it, its still just the very g=beginnin of your life really ! :)
  • Why? Are you behind schedule already?
  • You should be scare to die early... each day is a victory, each minute tours 30, 40, 50 etc is glorious... enjoy every breath you take... it's good, very good to grow old.
  • No. 20 is pretty boring.
  • will be turning 20 on d 19th of jan and i'm scared shit out of my pants too...but life is a spinning wheel n' so r we...just be happy u've added a year...that's all that matters!!
  • No, you should be scared of NOT turning 20.
  • No - you should be scared of turning 40!
  • it was definitely a defining time in my life, as it is for most people. you're no longer a teenager, and you never will be for the rest of your life.
  • Was that a typo in your question? Should that number be 40?
  • No..not at all enjoy...

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